Best Black Friday Mattress Deals- Direct to Consumer Discounts

Back again in the saddle, or in the bed as the case may be. I spent a number of months testing and researching various mattresses last year, and now that Black Friday has rolled around it is time to take a look at the deals on offer, and boy are a fair few of them exciting. One of the benefits of the direct to consumer mattress market is their price, and having it go down even further absolutely destroys anything the high street, brick and mortar store fronts can offer. Add in the fact that you don’t have to leave the house to partake of the deals on offer and you’ve got the complete package.

So I’ll be going through my favorite mattresses, writing a short refresher on why I think they are great, providing details of the new deals, linking you to the original article, if you want more info, and capping them off with a discount code. So no matter what kind of mattress you are looking for, I am sure I’ll have you covered.

Black Friday Mattress Deals 2016

Novosbed Black Friday Deals

novosbed-product-19BNovosbed have one of my favorite mattresses, and some of the best customer satisfaction in the business. Their mattress is topped with a poly blend, one upper an one lower, each coming together to create something that is more durable than cotton, and very nearly as porous. on the inside we have 6″ of support foam, 3″ of hyper dense memory foam and 2: of gel infused memory foam. They combine in a way that is both cool and comfortable. All sizes of mattress come with $100 off, and 120 nights of sleep testing. If you are unhappy with the firmness level just let them know, and they will send you the comfort+ system, a series of mattress toppers to allow you to dial in the softness. Excellent value for money this season, with the Queen costing an adjusted $999.

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Leesa Black Friday Deals

leesaThe mattress that started it all, for me at least. The Leesa is the quintessential direct to consumer mattress, codifying the three tiers of foam design. The topper on this one is a Lycra blend, making it one of he most durable on the market. Not quite as comfortable as pure cotton, but as breathable. You’ll be covering it in a sheet regardless. on the inside is a nice mix of foams. At base we have six inches of support foam, extra porous for heat dissipation. Next up is a layer of standard memory foam, two inches. Classic memory foam is still the best in terms of comfort and contouring. Topping the whole thing off is two inches of Avena foam. Similar to latex foam, Avena both responds to movements quicker and dissipates heat faster. It is also ridged, to further facilitate body contours and heat issues. This season you can get $75, and a $50 amazon gift card off. This leaves the Queen priced at $815.

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Loom and Leaf Black Friday Deals

loom and leafThe Loom and Leaf is in many ways still the pinnacle of foam based decadence. There are few builds that can boast the complexity of the Loom and Leaf, and none that can claim Papal approval. At the top we have a 100% pure cotton topper. It is criss crossed, looking like the perfect idea of what a mattress is, and quilted for extra comfort. On the inside we have 5.5″ of support foam, topped with a transition loft pad, a layer that allows the memory foam to move in sync with the support foam. That memory foam is one of two, with a second layer of gel infused memory foam mitigating the heat and adding the comfort. Overall the design is astounding. The Price is similarly great, with the Queen costing $999 at base.

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Saatva Black Friday Deals

saatvaThe Saatva is the only mattress on this list that is not purely foam based. It was the first mattress I got to check out, all those months ago now, and the core tech behind the mattress is no less impressive now. The topper material is that all too uncommon material, 100% pure cotton, and the head of he mattress comes with a pillow top, euro style to fit flush with the bed. On the inside we have a spring base layer, offering unsurpassed contouring by default. This is topped with individually wrapped contour coils, a combination of foam and smaller coils. It responds instantly to movement and conforms to your body wonderfully. Next is the standard memory foam, and the heat issue is non existent, as steel conducts heat away from the sleeper. All this awesome comes at a fairly heft price, with the Queen costing you $890.

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Bear Mattress Black Friday Deals

Bear mattress embeddedThe Bear was a new mattress when i first looked at it, and the core design was something I had never seen before. needless to say I am a fan, though some of their claims are a little out there. The topper material is fantastic, a combo of polyester, for comfort and durability, and Celliant, a material that interacts with the bodies magnetic field to improve oxygenation of the blood and relieve minor aches. I assure you I have researched this thoroughly, and the results of numerous double blind studies point to this effect. On the inside we have a Continent focus on healing, though the efforts in here are a little more suspect. The base is the standard 6″ of foam, next is rapid response memory foam and a final layer of graphite gel infused memory foam. The heat dissipation is astounding, beaten only by the Layla. The Black Friday sale for the Bear gives us a blanket $125 discount, bringing our Queen sized mattress down to $725.

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Ameena Black Friday Deals

ameenaThis is my most recent mattress review, and the Ameena has a fair amount to recommend it. The topper material is a bit of an unknown. Save for the fact that it is porous, durable and comfortable, but the degree by which it is durable is impossible to ascertain without more detailed information as to its make up. On the inside we have that classic three tiers of foam design, 6″ of support foam, followed by 2″ of gel infused memory foam, and topped with 2″ of reflex foam. Very similar then to the Leesa. The big selling point here is the price, and the Black Friday discounts. There is a blanket $100 discount on the Twin, Twin XL and the Full, with the Queen and Up getting a $150 discount. This leaves the Queen at $650, a truly amazing price.

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Layla Mattress Black Friday Deals

Layla InnardsThe Layla mattress is one of the most interesting designs on the market. It is nominally a three tiered design, but it is reversible, giving two distinct firmness levels depending on what side you sleep on. The topper material is infused with cool gel too, making it one of the most heat efficient mattress out there. On the inside we have three tiers, at the base, of the most plush configuration, is 1″ of firm memory foam, topped with 6″ of shaped base foam. The base foam makes the impact of that bottom layer of copper infused memory foam negligible. The top layer is 3″ of copper infused memory foam. The copper makes the foam so light and airy, it lacks the heat retention of regular memory foam, and radiates it better than any other memory foam variant. In all it is a fine design. This black Friday you can get the Queen for a mere $849


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Ghostbed Mattress Black Friday

ghostbed cross sectionGhostbed are like Ameena, a well established firm moving into the direct to consumer market. they have used their years of experience to craft a fine product. The topper material is polyester, which is comfortable, but not as porous as I would like. it is removable, always a plus, and machine washable, unlike the Ameena. On the inside we have the standard three tiers of foam. At base is 7.5″ of support foam, topped with 2″ of gel infused memory foam and finished with 1.5″ of Aerated latex foam. The top two layers combine to create excellent breathability, picking up the slack from the cover material, and heat retention is not an issue. the thicker support foam section makes this bed excellent for those with back troubles, or those who prefer a firmer experience. this Black Friday if you buy a Ghostbed you get three free Ghost pillows too, priced at $250. The Queen will set you back $795 on its own.

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Live and Sleep Mattress Black Friday deals

Live and sleep embeddedLive and Sleep are a great firm, and their mattress is one of the most interesting. The materials used are a little unconventional, and how they have combined them in the cover layer is wonderful. Instead of a single material that usually has to make a trade off between durability, comfort and breathability, they have combined two different materials, with a comfortable and breathable material at the very top, and a more durable material at the bottom, where it is most needed. They work in tandem, providing all the benefits of a pure cotton cover at a much lower price point. On the inside we have three tiers of foam, 7″ at base, topped with and interesting 1″ of Energex foam. This layer mitigates the firmness of the support layer, and allows the nest layer of foam, the 2″ of extremely porous memory foam. It eliminates the heat retention, while maintaining the comfort of regular memory foam. They all work well together, creating an experience that is on par with the best. With discounts you can get the Live and Sleep this Black Friday for $724.


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Keetsa Mattress Black Friday Deals

keetsa plusKeetsa differ a little from all the other mattress on this list. They are a combination firm, both direct to consumer and show room. They offer a range, six, of mattress in various styles to suit any sleeper. Their primary focus is sustainability, all of their mattresses use hemp covers and bio foam, over more traditional materials. Bio foam is a memory foam variant that cuts petroleum with a variety of vegetable oils, making a product that is more eco-friendly, but just as comfortable. The company strives to use as little petroleum products as possible, and I find their goals very commendable. It does mean that you will be paying more for the product most of the year. Thankfully as it is Black Friday there is a discount to be applied. This season Keetsa have a 5% discount on much of their range, in addition to free shipping. The coupons can be found here.

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Black Friday Mattress Deals Conclusion

Overall a fair amount of great prices. The mattress industry also has great customer service, some of the best in the world. All of the mattresses here come with a trial period, where you can see if the bed is good for you. The time varies between 75 and 120 days, but seen as all you need is a month to get used to a mattress even the low end trial is great. If you are unsatisfied with any mattress you buy you just have to tell the company, they will pick it up for you and donate it, then give you a refund.

Finally the warranty. Most firms offer a 10 year warranty, though a few offer a 15 year warranty. It covers everything, including visible sag. A mattress should last at least 10 years without sag, so pay attention to that.

If you would like to see how these mattress compare against each other in more detail then be sure to check out the many head to head reviews available here on the Gazette Review.