Cyber Monday Deals at Amazon

Cyber Monday has been around for more than a decade now, doesn’t feel like it, right? But it was Amazon where I first heard the term. This online only sister sale to the madness of Black Friday offers some wonderful savings on a wide variety of products, and you will be hard pressed to find a better range of discounted products than on

Amazon is one of the oldest online stores in the world, starting all the way back in 1994. They survived the dotcom crash, not to mention years of posting no profits, and today they are the largest retailer my market capitalization in the US. They sell everything, from books to DVDs to groceries. Their Cyber Monday deals are legendary, and so this list is going to be more diverse than any other out there.

I have grabbed a little bit of everything for this article, a few items from each section, but this barely scratches the surface of what’s available. Be sure to check the site on the day for a daily deal or two too.

Best 2016 Cyber Monday Deals

Note: You can click on the product name to view the Black Friday listings at

Fire HD 8 Tablet 16GB $59.99 Decent quality display and excellent bttery life. Amazon’s tablets are hardly cutting edge, but they are great for relaxed browsing and doing a bit of reading. They tend to be locked into Amazon’s version of Android, but can be cracked easy enough. Good price this.

Fire Tablet 7″ 8GB $33.33 Last gen Amazon tablet, so expect worse performance still, but the price here is great, and the standard feature set in the Amazon Fire range is pretty good.

Amazon Echo $139.99The Echo combines excellent sound quality with top of the line voice recognition to create a package that is rather unique. It’s one of those things that you initially buy because you think it’s cool and quickly come to realize it makes your life insanely easier. Probably the best things I’ve bought in the last year.

Clover Pen Style Needle Felting ToolThis one is for all my knitters out there, great for delicate work, and the pen grip handle won’t slip.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket with Accessories $11.71 Excellently designed sewing bag, and it even comes with a few spare parts too, scissors, hand needles, pin cushion, seam ripper. Dimensions wise it is great for the price, 10.5 x 8 x 6 inches.

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and portable Charger400A jump stater that doubles as a portable charger. I love items like this, more than one use, and very safe.

20% off Gerber ProductsKnives, canteens, and survival belts, there is a lot of deals to be had in the Gerber line of products.

NUK Mash and Serve BowlIf you want to make your own baby food, this is a must have item. baby food is overpriced, I mean, how hard can it be to mach up some carrots?

Halo SleepSack Range up to 33% offThese things are great, keeps your baby warm, but not too warm. Very breathable and machine washable.

URPOWER Essential Oil DiffuserI know there are reasons to humidify a room, but I can’ think of any. I do like the idea of filling it with a nice oil and making your house smell like cookies.

6 Amber Glass Bottles with Mist Sprayersthese are great, very cheap and extra versatile. Fill the bottle with a liquid you want to spray and push the plunger. Glass is very hard wearing, assuming you don’t drop the thing, so you’ll have these for a long time I think.

American Cake: From Colonial Gingerbread to Classic layer by Anne ByrnI do a lot of cooking, and just recently got into baking. This is an excellent little book, and full of tasty recipes to try out. I made some 1770 cakes for a Hamilton night recently, delicious.

The Shepard’s Crown by Terry Pratchett $12.01 – I had to put this here. Pterry died there in March of 2015, and this was his last book, released posthumously. As funny and heart warming as any of the Tiffany Aching books, with an extra level of melancholy hanging over it due to the authors passing.

Funko Pop Key Chains A simple Key chain, great stocking stuffer, and who doesn’t like A Song of Ice and Fire these days?

N’Ice Caps Kids Gloves It’s winter, and if you are experience a cold snap right now you will need a hardy set of gloves/ These are a great option, extra cosy, but not so huge as to prevent you from doing things. Kids size only.

Sandisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD $49.99 – It is fairly rare to find storage deals on Cyber Monday, but this is a great one.

TRENDnet Outdoor CamerasYou can’t be too careful about monitoring your property, we’ve all seen the videos of mail thieves. Full HD camera and IP rated to 66. It will withstand the elements well, just don’t dunk it in a bucket of water.

JJNINE Women Casual Winter Knit BeaniesThis is a nice hat. Reminds me of Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers. Colors will go with most outfits, though the off gold may need some work.

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd GenA thermostat that will save you money, learning your habits and keeping your home comfortable. A must have in these harsh winters.

Huge Discount on DVDs, up to 70% off Not much to say here, huge selection of DVDs on sale, if you want to expand your collection by all means.

AmazonBasics Mesh Chair $51.99It’s a fairly basic chair. Ergonomic and gets the job done.

X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Chair with Audio System $79.98A slightly less basic chair. I love the look of this thing, but it screams Doritos stains and spilled mountain dew.

SADES SA810 gaming Headset $15.99 – A Basic Headset that matches my computer. Audio quality is on the low side, but the price point is fantastic.

Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Microphone $20.99 – I bought this not too long ago and was surprised by the quality of the recording. Be sure to use it in an insulated room with a mesh guard for best results.

Spirograph Design Tin SetMake your kids relive your childhood by buying them a Spirograph set! Now with multicolored pens!

Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition– Great game, but it isn’t for kids. The game is full of tension and hilarity, wonderfully crafted to get everyone laughing and talking. Great for get togethers where you don’t actually know the people very well. Cyber Monday FAQ’s

When does Amazon open for Cyber Monday?

It’s Cyber Monday! Amazon is open 24/7 and you can get your deals right now!

What is’s Return Policy?

Returning an item to Amazon can be an ordeal. You have to find the returns section on the site and click into the appropriate returns form, whether the item is a gift or a regular order. You have a myriad of options available to you, using Amazon locker or returning by post etc.

Thankfully Amazon has a dedicated support team that can help you, so if you get lost in the labyrinth of web pages, just drop them a line and they can talk you through the process. Items must be in their original packaging and you need your invoice.