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Gaming Mouse & Keyboard Deals – Cyber Monday

This may sound strange, but Cyber Monday and gaming peripherals have a lot in common. People tend to value Black Friday over Cyber Monday, and people will think about the hardware inside of their computers more than they’ll think of the hardware outside of it.

Too often, people will spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming computer, only to spend a few bucks on a cheap keyboard and mouse. It seems really ridiculous, especially when you consider how often you use a keyboard and mouse while gaming. Similarly, it’s silly that so many people prefer Black Friday over Cyber Monday, since so many people enjoy shopping online normally. In this article, I’m going to be pulling those two themes together by talking a little bit about some of the best Cyber Monday deals on gaming keyboard and mice.

There are a lot of different ways that you can go when buying these peripherals. Keyboards come in all different flavors and sizes, and mice are similarly packed with different features across different product lines. I’m going to try to cover a wide variety of keyboard and mice, in hopes of covering a wide range of needs. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished with this piece, you’ll have learned a lot more about gaming mouse and keyboard discounts being offered to Cyber Monday shoppers this year. Without further ado, I think it’s time to more closely examine some of these gaming deals.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Deals:

    • From Amazon: Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $119.99, which is $50 off. The mechanical keyboard community often debates about the quality (or lack thereof) of Razer mechanical keyboards, but this is a great deal regardless. This keyboard has a fully customizable RGB backlight and Razer green switches, which feel a lot like Cherry MX blue switches.

  • From Newegg: Corsair Vengeance K65 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $49.99, or $40 off. As far as mechanical keyboard deals go this year, I think that this one may be my favorite. Corsair is well known for their high quality keyboards, and this particular product is no different. With Cherry MX Red switches and a braided cord, this one should last you a very long time.
  • From Best Buy: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Gaming Keyboard for $79.99, which is $80 off. This is a really great mechanical keyboard from Logitech, and although it doesn’t use Cherry MX switches (instead opting for more inexpensive Romer-G ones) you still get that satisfying mechanical feeling. The customizable RGB backlights are great fun, too.
  • From Newegg: AZIO MGK1 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $59.99, which is $30 off of its standard price. AZIO may not be a name as reputable as Corsair or Logitech, but this keyboard is still nothing to sneeze at. This keyboard uses Kailh blue switches, which are roughly comparable to Cherry MX blue switches. Anticipate tactile, noisy clacking with this one.

Gaming Keyboard Deals:

  • From Amazon: Logitech G105 920-003371 Gaming Keyboard for $34.99, which is $25 off. This keyboard features two different brightness levels, allowing you to easily configure the blue LED backlighting. Anti-ghosting and programmable keys are also some features that you may find helpful from this keyboard. Its software is compatible across Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.
  • razer-ornata-chroma-amazon-cyber-mondayFrom Amazon: Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard for $84.99, which is $15 off. This keyboard hasn’t actually been released yet, and it features a new “switch” from Razer that is meant to combine the feelings of both mechanical and membrane keyboards. So, although this isn’t actually a mechanical keyboard, it still has a very satisfying clicky feel.
  • From Newegg: UtechSmart Saturn Marquee USB Multimedia Gaming Keyboard for $23.99, or $6 off. This neat board features adjustable multi-colored backlight LEDs, 20 multi-media functions, and the ability to lock and unlock the Windows key. Physically, this keyboard has some laser engraved keys, which is pretty much the highest quality of key printing that you can get.

Gaming Mouse Deals:

  • From Amazon: Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for $47.99, or 31% off of standard pricing. Although the quality of Razer’s mechanical keyboards often comes in question, I don’t think that anyone can deny the quality of their mice. This is arguably the best that they’ve ever made, perfect for palm grip users and with a powerful, easily customized optical sensor. This is a solid pick for any gamer.
  • From Amazon: SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse for $69.99, or $30 off. Like all of the other mouse brands we’ve seen today, SteelSeries is well-regarded as making some seriously high tech mice. This one features tactile alerts, a deeply customizable interface, and a stylish, subtle design. All around, a real under the radar deal.
  • From Newegg: Logitech G602 910-003820 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for $39.99, or $40 off. A lot of the time, wireless mice are shunned for gaming uses, for a variety of reasons with the largest being input lag. Basically, with a wireless signal, it can sometimes take longer for the computer to register your input than it would with a wired connection. That isn’t much of a concern with this mouse, so if you’re hunting for a wireless gaming mouse, this might be a good starting point.
  • From Best Buy: Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Optical Gaming Mouse for $24.99, which means that you’re saving $25. I think that I’m qualified to sing the praises of this mouse, seeing as I’m actually using it right now. The Daedalus Apex is a great mouse that lends itself well to both claw and palm grip users, and the customization in terms of button mapping and lighting is great, too.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle Deals:

  • From Amazon: EagleTec K104 / KS04 2.4 GHz Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse for $16.99. This isn’t exactly a combo that is branded specifically for gaming, but it’s frequently used as such, and Amazon actually has it categorized as a gaming keyboard. These devices boast a huge 18 month battery life, which means that you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance.
  • masterkeys-keyboard-mouse-combo-newegg-cyber-mondayFrom Newegg: MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB Keyboard and Mouse for $44.99, or $15 off. This is a membrane keyboard bundles with a precision optical mouse. The keyboard is advertised as being “Mem-chanical”, meaning that they’re not actual mechanical switches, but that they still have a similar feeling. These keycaps are also Cherry MX compatible, which makes this a very customizable overall setup.
  • From Newegg: Tt eSPORTS Commander Red Light Gaming Gear Combo for $29.99, or $2.00 off. You can save an additional $10 with the included rebate card, which is sent in by mail. This bundle includes a USB cable red LED illuminated keyboard and a 6 button USB 2400 dpi optical mouse. All around, a solid value for your money.

As you can see here, there are tons of different deals to choose from if you’re looking to pick up a new gaming keyboard and mouse during Cyber Monday this year. Whether you want to pick up a mechanical keyboard, a new mouse, or both, you should be able to use lists like this one to find the deal of your dreams. Online retailers like Amazon and Newegg seem to reign king in terms of gaming mouse and keyboard deals during Cyber Monday, but Best Buy also seems to have a couple of interesting products worth checking out. However, Newegg definitely has the largest amount of deals available.

Your job isn’t quite done yet. Even though you know where these deals are, it’s still important that you investigate what some of this stuff means. What kind of keyboard is right for your setup? Do you want backlit keys or not? What kind of mechanical switch is best for your living situation, if any. (For instance, someone who shares a house with a lot of people may not want to buy a keyboard that uses the super noisy Cherry MX Blue switch.) There comes a point where the purchasing decision comes down to your own personal preference. Even if you decide not to buy any of these keyboards or mice, I still hope that you’re able to stumble across the deal of your dreams during Cyber Monday this year. Good luck!'
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