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Guitar Center Black Friday Deals – Full Ad Scan

For some people, Black Friday is the chance to pick up new appliances. Maybe a new television set. The latest and greatest game console. Some new clothes. What about those of us who are looking to pick up some musical instruments? Guitar Center is the largest musical instrument retailer chain in the world, and it has made a name for itself by selling affordable, high quality music products to its loyal customers.

Recently, Guitar Center’s Black Friday deals were leaked. This is great for consumers, because it gives us the opportunity to preview (and anticipate) their best doorbusters before the big day actually comes around. In this article, I’ll make things even easier for you by calling attention to what I believe to be the best deals that Guitar Center will be offering to Black Friday shoppers this year. I won’t be able to get to everything, though, so if you’re looking for a more definitive list, I suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this page and click the image of the Guitar Center flyer. That will allow you to download the complete ad scan.

Best Guitar Center 2016 Black Friday Deals –


  • Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Special-1 Guitar for $79.99, which is a deep discount compared to its standard price of $149.99. Les Paul guitars have always been known for being one of the more beginner friendly guitars out there, so this inexpensive buy is a good chance to get into guitar if you haven’t already.
  • Taylor Swift Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar Pack for $299.00. Although this bundle obviously isn’t for everyone, it’s good for young people who are looking to learn how to play acoustic guitar from scratch. This bundle includes a guitar, a songbook, strap, gig back, and picks.
  • Rogue RD80 Acoustic Guitar Pack for $69.99, which is $30 off of this bundle’s standard pricing. For someone looking for a less pricey acoustic guitar bundle, look no further. This includes a guitar, strap, gig bag, pitch pipe, picks, chord chart, and replacement strings.

Recording Equipment:

  • Complete Desktop Recording Studio w/ Mac Mini for $899.99. This bundle is $100 off of its regular price, and it’s perfect for someone looking to pick up recording from scratch. It includes a powerful Mac Mini, and all of the software that you would need.
  • Up to $70 off Sennheiser E835 and E935 Vocal Microphones, starting at $79.95. A lot of people don’t like being restricted to just a single model of a product in Black Friday sales, and this discount gives you a little bit of freedom. You can’t go wrong with any of these microphones though, really.
  • AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone for $19. There’s a common misconception that you need to break the bank in order to purchase a quality microphone. This inexpensive mic is proof that that’s patently untrue.


  • Williams Legato Digital Piano for $149.99, which is $50 off of its sticker price. This piano has built-in speakers and semi-weighted keys, which makes it good for both practicing and performance!
  • Casio CDP-130 88-Key Weighted-Action Piano for $299.99, which is $100 off. Casio is well-known for it is fantastic keyboards, and this particular model is no exception. This is a great deal for masters and beginners of this instrument alike.
  • Yamaha PSR-F51 61-Key Portable Keyboard for $69. This is a nice little portable keyboard that I think is a good buy for someone who is interested in playing the keyboard, but who is not interested in shelling out hundreds of dollars to try it out.


  • PDP by DW Centerstaeg Drum Set for $299, which is $100.99 off of this drum set’s standard pricing. This classic drum set is a perfect gift for any aspiring drummer, and the price makes it especially tempting.
  • SPL Lil Kicker 3-Piece Complete Junior Drum Set for $99.99. This is the perfect gift for any young student, including an 8×5″ tom, a 16×12″ bass drum, and a 10×4″ snare. It also comes with stands, cymbals, a kick pedal, and throne.
  • Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum Kit for $799.99. That may seem like a large price, but consider that it’s $200 off of what it normally costs. Roland’s electronic drum kit has all of the fixings, including a quick record/play and coach function, as well as USB connectivity.

Miscellaneous Instruments:

  • Lyons Kid’s Bell Set with Case for $19.99. This is only a $5 discount, but I think that it’s good for someone looking to introduce a youngster to music without having to empty their wallets. Not to mention, it’s significantly less noisy than a drum set or electric guitar!
  • Lanikai Concert Ukulele for $189.99, which totals $60 in savings. This is a finely crafted rosewood, koa, mahogany, and rosewood ukulele. It looks great, and Lanikai’s positive reputation promises a high quality playing experience, as well.
  • Toca Freestyle Colorsound Djembe. This lightweight, durable drum has a variety of different purposes. It’s commonly used among music instructors to help teach kids how to match different rhythms, but there’s nothing stopping you from buying one for your own personal use.

As you can see, Guitar Center has something for just about everyone for Black Friday this year. Although the name of this chain may suggest that all they sell is guitars, it’s plain to see that they have a lot more to offer than that. Not to mention, this isn’t even everything that’s going to be on sale at Guitar Center for Black Friday this year. To view their complete list of deals, just scroll to the bottom of this article. Once you’re there, click the image of the Guitar Center flyer to initiate the download of the complete ad scan.

Guitar Center Black Friday Hours & FAQs

When does Guitar Center open for Black Friday?

Guitar Center will be opening at 6 am on Black Friday. You’ll want to set your alarm clock early if you’re looking to take advantage of these bargains.

2016 Guitar Center Black Friday Hours:

As I mentioned before, Guitar Center will be opening at 6 am on Black Friday. Their sale will be continuing through the weekend, as well.

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

As of right now, it seems like Guitar Center’s Black Friday deals will only be available in-store. However, as the actual day comes closer, that is obviously subject to change or future announcement.

What is the Guitar Center return policy?

During the holidays, Guitar Center has a special promotion active that allows for returns by January 31st, or within 45 days of purchase. This gives you plenty of time to return any poorly received gifts that you purchase in this sale.

If you would like to view the full 4-page Black Friday 2016 ad for Guitar Center, then all you have to do is click the image below to see the complete ad scan.



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