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Micro Center Black Friday Deals – Full Ad Scan

When most people want to buy the latest tech (whether that be a new laptop or a new computer part), they have to go to their nearest big-box tech retailer. This is usually somewhere like BestBuy. They don’t always carry exactly what you’re looking for. Online options like Newegg are nice, but shipping can be lengthy and expensive. Micro Center is one of the country’s most popular computer department stores, and it has developed a large and loyal customer base due to its large and specialized offerings, which is all available at an affordable price.

These prices obviously become even more affordable during Black Friday. Recently, Micro Center’s Black Friday actually began yesterday, which means that consumers like you and me are able to take advantage of some fantastic deals on tech before the national shopping holiday officially begins. In this article, I’ll talk a little bit about some of the best deals that this store will be offering to Black Friday shoppers this year. However, I obviously won’t be able to get to all of it, so if you’re looking to view Micro Center’s complete list of Black Friday deals, you’re going to want to scroll to the bottom of this article and click the image of the flyer. This will allow you to download the complete ad scan. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this sale!

Best Micro Center 2016 Black Friday Deals:


  • Lenovo Ideapad 310 15.6″ Laptop Computer for $379.99, which is $220.00 off. Lenovo’s ebony black laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5-7200U Processor, Windows 10, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1 TB Hard Drive. In-store pickup only.
  • MSI Codex X-032US Desktop Computer for $1,119.99, for a $200.00 discount. Do you want to buy a thrifty gaming desktop this year? This tower contains an i7-6700K processor, a GTX 1070, 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB Hard Drive, and a 256 GB SSD. In-store pickup only.
  • HP ProBook 450 G3 15.6″ Laptop Computer for $579.99, which is a $70 discount. Although this laptop is a little older, this Windows 7 machine is still perfectly powerful for someone looking to put to use in an academic or professional setting.


  • micro-center-ipad-air-2Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 32 GB for $379.99. The discount here is just for $20, but if you’ve been looking at Black Friday deals lately, it isn’t all that common for iPads to receive substantial discounts. A deal like this is as good as it gets. In-store pickup only.
  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ Wi-Fi 32 GB for $549.99. The ultra-thin iPad Air model isn’t for everyone. If that’s the case for you, then I suggest that you take a look at this iPad Pro. The discount here amounts to $50. In-store pickup only.
  • Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi 128 GB for $799.99. For the people who haven’t been keeping up with Apple’s latest releases: Yes. They release iPads with this kind of storage now. The $100 in savings here lessens the blow that this high-tech tablet puts on your wallet. In-store pickup only.

Computer Parts:

  • ASUS Radeon RX 480 ROG STRIX Overclocked 8GB GDDR5 Video Card for $294.99. The RX 480 is one of AMD’s latest cards, and it is highly touted as being an inexpensive, highly powerful video card. It’s pretty much the go-to for someone who is looking to build (or upgrade to) an affordable, VR-ready rig. This card comes with a free copy of Civilization VI, too.
  • Samsung 850 EVO-Series 1TB SATA III 6Gb/S 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive for $279.99, which is $80.00 off. Disk space is becoming increasingly affordable, but SSD’s are still one of the more expensive forms of storage. Still, Samsung’s SSD’s are some of the best in the business. Select models of this SSD come with a free copy of Watch Dogs 2. In-store pickup only.
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 850G2 850W Gold Modular ATX 12V Power Supply for $159.99, which saves you $40. Every computer obviously needs a power supply, and EVGA definitely knows how to make them right. The fact that this power supply is modular just makes for an easier building process for you, too.

Computer Accessories:

  • micro-center-razer-deathstalker-chroma-keyboardRazer DeathStalker Chroma Illuminated Gaming Keyboard for $69.99,
    which is $30.00. Although the mechanical keyboard community hotly debates the quality of Razer keyboards, no one can deny that they’re an affordable way for someone to jump into the world of mechanical keyboards. With a discount like this, it’s an even easier!
  • SanDisk 200GB Ultra Premium Edition microSDXC Class 10 / UHS-1 card for $99.99. If you’re someone who’s not so tech-savvy, massive memory cards like these are an easy and (relatively) inexpensive way to upgrade the amount of space that you have on your computer. The $20 discount isn’t bad, either!
  • Logitech Z130 2-Channel Speaker System for $17.99, which is a $7.00 discount. When a lot of people get their computer situation set up, they tend to forget about obvious components, like speakers. These Logitech speakers are good quality, and you don’t have to break the bank in order to buy them!

As you can see, Micro Center is offering a plethora of different discounts to its Black Friday shoppers this year. The most impressive thing? I wasn’t even able to get to everything. There are so many deals that they can’t reasonable fit into a single article. Were you interested in any of the deals that I mentioned above? If so, then I suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this article and click the image of the Micro Center flyer in order to download their complete ad scan. I’m sure that they have what you’re looking for. Happy bargain hunting!

Micro Center Black Friday Hours & FAQs:

When does Micro Center open for Black Friday?

As I mentioned before, Micro Center actually made sort of an unorthodox move, and their Black Friday sale actually began at midnight on the 14th! As of this writing, their sale is underway.

2016 Micro Center Black Friday Hours:

As an online sale, Micro Center doesn’t have traditional “hours” through Black Friday. Their sale began at midnight on the 14th, and it is currently set to run through the 4th of December. This gives shoppers plenty of time to take advantage of some of these phenomenal deals.

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

Although Micro Center sells both online and in their physical stores, some of the deals that they’re offering this year are only available in-store. I made note of those instances in the deals that I mentioned above, but you need to make sure to check for yourself in the flyer if you’re interested in a particular deal and you don’t live near a physical location.

What is the Micro Center return policy?

The general rule of thumb for Micro Center’s return policy is that most products you buy will be eligible for return within 15 days of purchase. Some items, however, can be returned as late as 30 days after purchase. In order to familiarize yourself with some of the finer details of this policy, I suggest that you go to Micro Center’s website and view their policy for yourself.

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