Ohio: Judge Orders ABX Air Pilots To End Strike

Four days ago, more than 200 ABX Air pilots went on strike, suspending their scheduled routes until they could reach an agreement with the company. But today, a federal judge in Cincinnati has granted a temporary order to end the work stoppage.

The pilots strike, which began on Tuesday, could have had an impact on companies such as Amazon and DHL, who use ABX Air flights to send their shipments from one place to another. The pilots strike lasted less than four days but more than one million pounds of cargo were not shipped during those days. Amazon and DHL have 80 flights per day with ABX Air combined and the pilots strike could have delayed more shipments if it continued. The pilots recently said that one of the reasons for the strike was that the company did not have enough workers and that they were being told to work during their days off. A statement on Tuesday said that the pilots had been scheduled to cover thousands of emergency assignments on days they should have had off.

The decision from the federal judge is good news for the company, which operates 45 flights a day for DHL and 35 a day for Amazon. When the pilots strike began a few days ago, the company released a statement saying that the strike was illegal. The company’s president also announced in a statement on the same day that they would seek a court order.

The decision is also good news for DHL and Amazon, which will sell millions of products during the rest of November and December. The holiday shopping season is one of the most important times of the year for most companies and a pilots strike could have delayed shipments for Amazon and DHL.

ABX Air began working the online retailer in 2015 and its 35 flights help the company send thousands of their products from one place to another every day. Amazon did not reveal how much the pilots strike would affect their deliveries. But a judge has now granted a temporary order to end the work stoppage and ABX Air will work on restoring operations as quickly as possible.