Friday, January 27, 2023

Polar Bear Living In Shopping Mall Temporarily Moved To Zoo

A few months ago, pictures of a polar bear living in a shopping mall caught the attention of animal rights groups as the polar bear didn’t seem too happy about living there. The pictures quickly led to him being called the saddest polar bear in the world and since then, animal rights groups have been asking the mall to find him a better home.

The polar bear has not been moved but there are good news for her. She will be temporarily move to a zoo during an upgrade to the mall. Pizza, the three year old female polar bear, caught the attention of the world when pictures and videos of her standing in the corner of the aquarium surfaced. The malls social media account said that Pizza the polar bear will temporarily leave and return to her birthplace.

Two months ago, Pizza the polar bear was offered a new home at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England. A petition to remove the polar bear from the aquarium also gained more than half a million signatures. The aquarium reportedly refused to move the polar bear from the ocean themed area of the mall.

The aquarium said yesterday that the move had been done as part of upgrades to the mall. The aquarium will remain open while Pizza the polar bear lives at the zoo. The aquarium did not reveal when the polar bear would come back to the shopping mall.

The pictures and videos of the polar bear living at the mall first surfaced in July and petitions have asked the mall to find her a new home. Animals rights groups have also asked for the polar bear to remain at the zoo, where she will live while the upgrades are done to the mall.

Last month, experts mentioned that Pizza the polar bear was showing signs of mental decline after seeing her behavior on video. The move might only be for a few weeks or months but it is good news for the polar bear as she will finally get to see something other than the aquarium. She will reportedly be reunited with her parents while the mall and ocean theme park area are renovated. There are currently at least three petitions asking for the animals there to be moved or for the aquarium to be closed. Animal rights groups are asking for Pizza’s move to be made permanent.

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