Repo Man Raises More Than $3000 To Bring Back Elderly Couple’s Car

Stanford and Patty Kipping were waiting to lose their car to the bank after not having enough money for their monthly payments and prescription medicines. But they didn’t know that the repo man would help save their 1998 Buick. The couple, who are 82 and 70 years old, didn’t have enough to keep their car and knew they would lose their 1998 Buick to the bank.

The costs of their prescription medicines left the couple without money to keep making the $95 monthly payments for the car. But Jim Ford, a very kind repo man, decided to help the couple. According to the Belleville News-Democrat newspaper, he first decided to talk to the bank and try to help the couple keep their car. That idea didn’t work but he decided to do something else to help the couple.

Ford says that when he got home that night, he said he had to do something and that he couldn’t just take their car. The talk at the bank didn’t solve the problem but Jim Ford had another idea that would end up helping the couple a lot more. He decided to pay off the couple’s debt and bring back their car.

Ford decided to use the fundraising website GoFundMe to help the couple. The idea was a huge success as he raised more than $3,500 in just a few hours. He also got some help from his co-workers, who sent a gift to the couple. The $3,500 raised were enough to pay the money owed to the bank and the fee for the service. The total of the debt and service was $2,500, so there was still some money left. Before returning the car, Ford and his friend fixed the headlights and made a few other changes to make sure that the car was ready to return to the couple. His co-workers also bought the couple a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving.

A payment of $95 a month may not seem like a lot to most people but newspaper reports that Stanford Kipping had to stop working due to poor eyesight. The couple described the moment when they received the car and turkey as a miracle come true.

There are thousands of repo men around the world but this makes Jim Ford and his co-workers one of the kindest in the repo business as they not only saved the couple’s car but also made sure that the car was in good condition.