Samsung Releasing Gear S3 Smartwatch In The US Later This Month

Those waiting to buy the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch in the US won’t have to wait very long as it will be released on November 18. The smartwatch will be available for preorder on Sunday, November 6.

Samsung announced the Gear S3 smartwatch in August and it brings a number of improvements. The smartwatch starts at $350 and will reportedly be available through Samsung’s official website and some retailers.

The company will be releasing its Gear S3 smartwatch in two versions, Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. In the UK, preorders began just a few days ago and it was recently reported that the smartwatches were now out of stock.

The smartwatch will be available for preorder in the US in three days and will be released two weeks from now.

In other Samsung news, the company has admitted that it is still thinking about what it’s going to do with all of the Galaxy Note 7 phones. Earlier this month, the company discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 after reports about the phones catching on fire or exploding continued to surface. The company released the Galaxy Note 7 in August but days later the phone was recalled because of battery issues. The company asked customers to return their Galaxy Note 7s and get them replaced with safe units, which were discontinued a few days later.

Samsung said in a statement that they recognize the concerns around the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 and are currently reviewing options. Greenpeace recently released a statement asking Samsung to reuse the rare materials from the phone. Samsung recalled more than two million units the first time and has asked customers to return the Galaxy Note 7 and get them replaced with other Samsung phones.

Samsung has not revealed what it plans to do with the Galaxy Note 7 phones but the company could be working on the next Galaxy Note. After the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, it was rumored that the Note brand would not return. Now, it is rumored that company will be releasing the Galaxy Note 8 next year. The latest rumors have also mentioned that the company could release it as early as January.

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