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Sephora Black Friday Deals – Full Ad Scan

If you head to the mall for Black Friday, Sephora is one store you should definitely check out. Known as one of the best cosmetic retailers in the country, the French company has over 350 stores across the United States. Most are located in shopping malls, making Sephora Black Friday sales a tempting addition to your shopping trip.

Of course, in-store shopping is only a part of Sephora’s Black Friday sales. The company is known for their sales also working through their website, and this year they even have a wide assortment of online exclusive sales. These start to work around 9pm Pacific Time, Thanksgiving night, so you might want to make plans to excuse yourself from the dinner table while you fill up your digital shopping cart.

This year, Sephora is doing something a bit different for Black Friday. Normally, they offer a selection of products all marked down to $10. This year, there’s a wider variety of items, including a few high-end cosmetics and perfumes. If you’re interested in trying out a new style or restocking on a favorite brand, they’ll probably have just what you want. In addition to the Black Friday deals below, Sephora also will be launching special offers just for people who use their smartphone app, the day before Thanksgiving. If you’re interested, you should go ahead and install the app now.

I’d also recommend considering a subscription Sephora Flash. For $10 a year, you’ll receive free shipping. You’ll also, over the next few weeks, receive exclusive freebie codes that can be redeemed for any purchase of $25 or more. So, if you’re buying $50 worth of product, you can split it into two orders, and use two freebie codes to get two free gifts. A bit confusing, but worth the effort if you plan on really taking advantage of Sephora’s Black Friday sales.

Best Sephora Black Friday 2016 Deals:

Sephora Exclusive Cosmetics:

Almost all of the products that Sephora is marking down for their Black Friday sales are items which you can only buy at Sephora, making a trip incredibly tempting.

  • Intro To Tarte Deluxe Discovery Set is on sale for $10 – almost 75% off the normal price. If you’ve been considering any of Tarte’s products, this is a great package. It contains one of their lipsticks, a mascara, and a blush. If you know you just want their lipstick, check out the Pretty Little Lippies set. Also $10, this just has a few of their lipsticks but is online only.
  • Ole Henriksen is selling their On-the-Glow Essentials kit for $15, down from $29. If you struggle to keep your face looking hydrated through the day, this comes with several products that might help.
  • Make Up For Ever Volume 2 is an artistic eyeshadow palette – initially only available to professional makeup artists, the brand eventually grew to be one of Sephora’s most lusted-after brands. This one is marked down to $25 – a remarkable discount from the normal price of $136.
The Sephora Collection Delicate Palette seems to be a Black Friday exclusive, so if you have any interest in these shades, consider it.
  • Sephora is selling one of their Sephora Collection palettes, The Delicate, for $10. This item appears to be a Black Friday exclusive – only available on that day. The colors are a mix of orange-browns and purples.
  • When my partner saw over my shoulder that Milk’s Headliner Makeup set is on sale, they gasped. For good reason – at $25, this combination of lipstick, highlighter, mascara, and other goodies is a significant discount from what these items would cost individually.
  • Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara might not live up to its name, but it comes close. If you’ve noticed the messy, spidery eyelashes everyone is into on Pinterest, this $10 mascara set (normally $22) is for you.
  • Sephora is offering their Essential Rose Skin Trio – another set of moisturizing and skin care products – for $10, down from $18.
  • Josie Maran’s Infinite Argan Enlightenment Duo is one of their online exclusives. A “self-tanning face oil”, this is one of the few ways to get a fake tan while actually helping your skin.

Sephora Exclusive Perfumes:

  • Philosophy Amazing Grace (spray) and Pure Grace (roller-ball) perfumes are one of the online exclusives. The travel set will be $20, marked down from $32.
  • Clean is offering a roller-ball perfume trio for $10. What’s really cool about this set is that they are meant to be layered, so you can build the scents in a way that best matches you.
  • Tocca’s Simply Chic set is also $10, down from $23. These are heavily floral scents, but in the most pleasant of ways.
  • Nest has a Travel Spray Trio set available for $12, marked down from $47. Dahlia and Vines combine springtime florals with deeper garden scents. Midnight Fleur is a scent of hardwoods and vanilla, while the third, Indigo, is my personal favorite; combining tea, bergamot, and fig for an almost-spicy woody scent.

Of course, these are just a few of the deals that Sephora is offering, so be sure to check the full listing below to see if there’s anything I missed.

Sephora Hours and FAQ

When does Sephora open for Black Friday?

Most Sephoras are located within other stores, so these sales are dependent on those hours. However – and I can’t stress this enough – these deals also are available through their website, starting at 9p.m. Pacific Time (midnight on the east coast.)

2016 Sephora Black Friday Hours:

There are no standardized hours for Sephora, so be sure to check the Black Friday hours for your nearest location.

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

All of these deals are available online, and in fact, some are online exclusives.

What is the Sephora Return Policy?

Any product with a receipt can be returned online or in-store within 30 days. If you’ve lost your receipt, you can still bring items to the store, but will only be able to get store credit for an exchange.

Sephora Black Friday ad leak scan for 2016

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