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Top Pet Supply Deals For Black Friday

The highly anticipated day is almost hereーthere are less than 24 hours until Black Friday. One of the biggest sales events of the year, the shopping holiday attracts millions of individuals to department stores and the like for a chance to snag exclusive deals. With hundreds of shops participating around the country, you can easily find everything that you’d need from designer sunglasses to rain boots for cheap. Considering the low prices that come with Black Friday, it’s no wonder why people are willing to wait in line in front of a store before they’re even open. While some may treat it as a chance to grab some inexpensive presents for the upcoming holiday season, others may use the opportunity to either upgrade or buy on some necessary items for the home. For those of us who have a furry friend, it’s as great as a time as any to stock up on pet supplies for cheapーwe can’t forget about Fido after all!

Many people underestimate the efforts required for keeping a pet; not only do they deserve top-quality kibble and treats (assuming you have a cat or a dog), but there are also costs associated with grooming, hygiene, travel and various other accessories. For instance, dog crates are not the cheapestーthey can easily run over $100 depending on the size and build. If you have a cat, the costs for kitty litter can also add up. In general, the average pet owner spends at least $500 annually on their pets; even more-so during the first year (e.g. shots, vet visits, etc). With that in mind, pet supplies can be costlyーespecially for those who are on a budget. However luckily for us, pet stores tend to join in the fun for Black Friday, discounting dozens of items from fish tanks to dog beds. If you’re wanting to buy Fido some toys or a new kennel, now’s the chance to do so without having to fork over all your cash.

Some of the most expensive pet supplies include the bigger items such as crates, beds, fish tanks, to list a few; you’d be surprised, for instance, some high-quality pet beds can easily go over the $100 mark. Of course, we also can’t forget about food and treatsーas those typically need to be re-bought every few weeks (it adds up). If you have a puppy-in-training, the costs are even higher as you generally require more supplies such as carpet cleaners, potty pads, training collars, etc. This Black Friday however, many of the above-mentioned items will be on sale! Some of the big-name retailers that will be participating include Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Smart, Petco, to name a few. To help you out with your shopping, we’ve put together a list of some of the best deals offered by said stores here in this article.


  • 2016-black-friday-pet-supplies-petsmartAqueon & Top Fin Tank and Stand Combo (120 or 125 gallon): Normally priced at $629.99, now on sale for only $300! (With a Pet Perks Card)

Perfect for those who are keeping a sizeable aquarium, the Aquen & Top Fun Tank and Stand Combo comes complete with a glass canopy top, a black stand and a fluorescent light. Designed with stability in mind, the stand features dual cabinets and a generous base shelf for convenient storage. Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fish. Measures approximately 18″ x 60″ x 26″. Available in both 120 and 125 gallon.

  • Select Pet Wire Crates: Now 50% off the original price with a Pet Perks Card!

Keep your furry friend safe while you’re out of the home with a Pet Wire Crate from Petsmart. Easily collapsible for easy transport and storage, they are available in a variety of sizesーso you can find one that’s suitable for your pet. All crates come fitted with a plastic tray at the bottom for easy clean-ups; some models may feature two separate doors.

  • Select PetHoliday Apparel: Now 50% the original price with a Pet Perks Card!

Dress your pet up for the holidays with some fun and affordable apparel from PetHoliday. From fur-trimmed jackets to Christmas sweaters, your pooch is bound to stay warm and stylish with what they’ve got to offer this winter. Available in multiple sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) for easy fitting. You can even complete the look with a holiday-inspired bow!

  • Select PetHoliday Toys: Now 50% off the original price with a Pet Perks Card!

Spoil your dog with some new and exciting toysーfrom squeaky rodents to Santa’s reindeers, PetHoliday has got an assortment of plushes that your pet is bound to enjoy this winter. Perfect for chewing and throwing, you can even join in the fun with a game of tug!

  • Fluval & Marineland Canister Filters: Now 50% off the original price with a Pet Perks Card!

Great for both marine or freshwater aquariums, Canister Filters from Fluval & Marineland work wonders at keeping your tanks sparkly clean. Silent and high performing, they draw water into a success of stacked media trays for full-contact filtrationーleaving your fish healthy and happy. All filters come with the necessary media required including a carbon filter bag, filter foam, filter floss pad and bio-filter balls.

  • Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter (17 or 35lb Pails): Normally priced at $15.49, now on sale for only $8.99 before noon!

Specially formulated to neutralize odours, Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter uses Tidy Lock technology to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Over 99% dust-free, its instant action produces strong clumps which are then easy to clean up. Perfect for multi-cat households, it’s designed to prevent odours from urine, feces and ammonia.

  • Select Grreat Choice Cuddler Pet Bed: Now only $9.99 with a Pet Perks Card!

Treat your pet to a new cuddly bed this Black Fridayーcomfortable and stylish, these cuddler beds from Grreat Choice come in a variety of fun colours and patterns. Complete with a soft-brushed interior, your pooch is guaranteed to love its softness. Available in multiple sizes for a variety of dog breeds.

  • Fresh Step Cat Litter (42lb Bag): Normally priced at $19.99, now on sale for only $10.99!

Get increased odor-control with Cat Litter from Fresh Step. Featuring ClumpLock Odor Technology and the power of Febreeze, it easily locks in both liquid and odour on contactーleaving your home nice and clean. A low dust formula, the litter also clumps tight for easy cleanups; leaves behind the refreshing scent of Febreeze.

If you’re looking to snatch up some of the above-mentioned deals from PetSmart, be sure to sign up for a Pet Perks Card for maximum savingsーit’ll only take a few minutes top at the register. From toys to fish tanks, PetSmart’s got them all for cheap! If you’re a cat owner, their offers on litter may also be worth checking out.

Pet Supplies Plus:

  • 2016-black-friday-pet-supplies-pspKaytee My First Home Guinea Pig Kit: Now on sale for only $29.98 – Save up to $40 off!

Perfect for the new guinea pig owner, this starter kit from Kaytee includes a chew-proof wire cage, a bag of food, a water bottle and bedding. Designed for an easy set-up, the cage requires no tools for assembly as it conveniently snaps togetherーcomes complete with a plastic base for easy cleaning. Cage measures 16.5″ x 30″ x 18″.

  • Aqueon LED 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit: Now on sale for only $29.98 – Save $30 off of the original price!

A great choice for beginner Aquarium owners, this 10 Gallon Starter Kit from Aqueon comes with a water conditioner, a low-profile LED hood, premium fish food and submersible preset heater. Complete with a QuietFlow power filtration system, your fish is bound to stay healthy and happy. Also includes a mesh net and an easy-to-read water thermometer.

  • Zoo Med Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: Save up to $120 off the original price!

The premium reptile habitat, this Zoo Med Leopard Gecko Starter Kit comes with everything that you’d need to care for your scaly petーa 10 gallon terrarium, a 10 lb. bag of ReptiSand, an analogue reptile thermometer, a dome lamp fixture, two 60W heated bulbs and a bottle of ReptiSafe water conditioner. Features a built-in screen top that helps to keep your pet gecko safely inside.

  • Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover (1 Gallon): Regularly priced at $26.98, now on sale for only $14.00!

Keep your carpets and floors clean from dog-related messes with this Stain and Odor Remover from Nature’s Miracle. Formulated to help remove new and set-in stains, the cleaner easily rids the surfaces of odours and pheromones to discourage re-soiling. Suitable for use on clothing, furniture, floors and carpets; can also be added to laundry.

  • Single Door Dog Crates: Now on sale for only $21.98-$59.98 – Save up to $60 off the original price!

Sturdy and durable, Dog Crates are excellent way of keeping your pet safe when you’re not in the home. In addition to a leak-proof plastic pan, they also come with a free divider panel and a strong carrying handle for easy carrying. Multiple sizes availableーeasily choose the size that’s suitable for your pooch. Most models are foldable for convenient storage.

  • PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Now on sale for only $99.98 – Save $50 off the original price!

The only self-cleaning litter box to use disposable trays, the ScoopFree model from PetSafe offers unbeatable odour control for cat-friendly households. Easy-to-use, simply plug it in and watch it do its magic. Featuring an automatic rake system, the device sweeps waste into a covered compartment every 20 minutes after your pet uses the box. Utilizing special crystal litter, it is 5x more effective than conventional brands.

  • Greenies Pill Pockets Dog Treats: Now on sale for only $4.49 – Save $4.49 off the original price!

Getting your pet to take his medication has never been easier with Greenies’ Pill Pocket Dog Treats. Featuring built-in pouches, you can easily hide pills within the tasty treats. Made from all-natural ingredients, Pill Pockets are available in a wide variety of flavours including: Chicken, Hickory Smoke and Real Peanut Butter.

  • Iams Dog Food (30 lb bags): Now on sale for only $19.98 – Save up to $12 off the original Price!

Feed your pet quality kibble with Dog Food from Iamsーmade from high quality ingredients, it offers top-notch nutrition for dogs of all ages. Featuring the perfect balance of nutrients, it is also fortified with glucosamine for healthier and stronger cartilage and joints and enhanced with essential minerals and vitamins for optimal health.

  • Select Sizes and Styles of Nylabone DuraChews: Save up to $11 off the original price!

Perfect for satisfying your dog’s instinctual need to chew, Nylabone Durachews are designed to be long-lasting for the most powerful of chewers. Available in a variety of flavours including bacon and cheesesteak, they also feature raised bristles for natural teeth cleaningーfor the prevention of plaque and tartar buildup.

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food (24 lb bag): Save up to $14 off the original price!

Grain-free and protein-rich, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food is made with the finest ingredientsーinspired by the diet of true wolves. Suitable for all life-stages, it offers the ideal blend of fat and carbohydrates, giving your pet the nutrition he needs to stay healthy and active. Available in multiple flavours including Salmon, Duck, and Chicken.

  • Nutro Lamb and Rice Dog Food (30lb bag): Save up to $14 off the original price!

Delicious and nutritious, Nutro’s Lamb and Rice Flavored Dog Food is packed with premium quality ingredients including the necessary minerals and vitamins for a healthy metabolism. Corn-free, it helps to build healthy cartilage and joints and is guaranteed to produce a soft and shiny coat. Suitable for adult dogs over the age of 18+ months. Contains no soy or wheat protein.

  • Litter Genie Plus Litter Disposal System: Now on-sale for only $11.49!

Quick and easy to use, the Litter Genie Plus Disposal System is a clean and hygienic way of disposing cat waste. Featuring built-in antimicrobial protection, its bag dispenser cat ridge can last up to 2 months of use (for a single cat). Small and compact, it can easily be fitted under the kitchen sink or in your bathroom. Comes complete with seven-layer bags that lock-in germs and odours.

  • Natural Balance Dog Food (26-28lb Bags of Select Varieties) : Now on-sale for only $44.98! – Save up to $18 from its original price!

Made of top-notch ingredients, Natural Balance Dog Food contains no preservatives nor artificial flavours. Enhanced with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a shiny and healthy coat, its Limited Ingredients variety also helps to prevent itchy skin, and upset tummies. A complete and balanced diet for all dog breeds, it is available in multiple flavours including venison, chicken and lamb.

Similar to PetSmart, Pet Supplies and Plus will be discounting a large variety of pet and cat supplies this upcoming weekend. Aside from the items which we’ve listed above, they will also be offering a ton of other dealsーif you’re a pet owner, you definitely do not want to miss their sale! For more details, please refer to their Black Friday ad scans.


  • Petzi Smartphone Controlled Electronic Pet Treat Dispenser: Normally priced at $170.00, now on-sale for only $129.99!

Dispense your pet’s favourite treats even when you’re on-the-go with the Petzi Smartphone-Controlled Electronic Dispenser. Fun and easy-to-use, it allows you to connect and interact with your pet on any tablet or smartphoneーsimply by using the Petzi app. Fitted with a camera and microphone, you can even capture photos or say hello to your pet while you’re away from home.

True Value:

  • 2016-black-friday-pet-supplies-true-valuePlush Pillow Pet Bed with Zip-Off Outer Cover: Now on-sale for only $9.99! Save up to 40% or more!

Comfortable and soft, these Plush Pillow Pet Beds are perfect for afternoon naps and daytime lounging. Available in an assortment of colours, they come with a zip-off outer cover for easy cleaning and washing. Includes a non-skid bottom; two sizes: 24 x 28 inches and 27 x 36 inches.

  • Orthopaedic Dog Bed: Now on-sale for only $19.99 (+ free bag of dog treats) – Save up to 40% or more!

Designed to help protect ailing joints, these Orthopaedic Beds are constructed of high-quality foam for maximum support. Great for older or arthritic pets, they come with a zip-off outer cover and woven gusseted sides. Available in two sizes: 29 x 40 inches and 27 x 36 x 3 inches. When you purchase an orthopaedic dog bed, you’ll also get a free bag of Lil’ Nuggets Dog Treats!


  • Pet Gear Special Edition No-Zip Pet Stroller: Normally priced at $174.99, now on sale for only $149.99!

Stylish and convenient, the Special Edition No-Zip Pet Stroller from Pet Gear features No-Zip technologyーwhich means no more having to fumble around with difficult zippers to gain access to your pet! Complete with a panoramic view window, it also comes with an elevated paw rest for added comfort for your pet. Made of water-resistant material, it can be used even in light rain.

While that marks the end of our list, there are way more deals on pet supplies to be had this Black Friday. Some of the other retailers which we didn’t get a chance to mention include: Overstock, Farm and Home Supply, Petco, Sam’s Club and more. Whether you’re looking to refill your dog’s kibble container or treat your cat to a new litter box, Black Friday’s got loads of offers waiting for youーnow’s definitely the time to stock up on some regular supplies. In fact, you can even take this opportunity to get your pet his  or her’s Christmas present!

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