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Top Snowblower Deals for Black Friday

The wait for Black Friday is almost overーwhile Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a meaningful holiday, it’s hard to deny the fact that many of us have been waiting for the bout of fantastic sales that come along with the weekend. Ever year around this time, Black Friday sees countless deals offered by retailers from all across the country; from pyjamas to 24K gold jewelry, items tend to be significantly marked down immediately following the American holiday.

Considering all the amazing bargains to be had, it’s not uncommon for individuals to scour the Black Friday ads weeks prior to the actual event; similarly, many eager shoppers also wait in line in front of their favourite stores before their opening, for a chance to snag the hottest buysーas quantities are more often than not, limited. While some see Black Friday as an opportunity to grab inexpensive Christmas presents, others prefer purchasing items for themselves; either for personal- or home- use. In this article, we’ll be focusing on something that probably only those living in colder climates have had experience withーsnow blowers.

If you’ve lived in an area where snow is common in the winter, you’re most likely familiar with the necessary chores that come with the holiday-esque sceneryーin particular, the shovelling of snow. Although the white flurries can be a pretty sight, they cause roads to be slippery and sidewalks to be icy; as a result, it’s inevitable that we sometimes find ourselves having to pick up a shovel to remove snow from a designated area. Thanks to the modern development of the snow blower however, the removal of snow has become significantly less of a chore. Powered by either gasoline or electric power, these machines effectively throw snow from one location to another, for them to be hauled away later. Did you know that these powerhouses were actually patented back in the 19th century?

Although they’re incredibly useful, these snow-throwing devices can be extremely pricey; it’s not uncommon for a high quality snow blower to run you well over $500. Despite their costliness however, they can feel like a godsend in the unfortunate event of a blizzardーwho wants to have to shovel away 3 feet of snow? While snow blowers are typically expensive, many models are fortunately discounted during Black Friday. Around this time of year, many are put out by big-name stores for extremely affordable prices. For instance, Sears, Blains Farm Fleet, True Value, Ace Hardware, Overstock, to name a few, all have these machines for sale this upcoming Thanksgiving. To make your shopping a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the various snow blower deals available this Black Friday, here on this page.

The Best of Snowblower Deals for 2018 –

Blains Farm Fleet:

  • 2016-black-friday-snow-thrower-blainsYard Machines 21″ Single Stage Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $349.99, now on sale for $299.99!

Equipped with a powerful 179cc Powermore OHV engine, this 21″ Single-Stage Snow Thrower from Yard Machines easily starts up with the push of a button. Featuring E-Z Chute Rotation technology, precise snow-throwing has never been easier. Ideal for 3-6 inches of snowfall, it also comes with an auger-assisted drive system which allows for easy operation even in davy snow. Minimal assembly required.

  • Classic Accessories Universal Snow Thrower Cab: Regularly priced at $79.99, now on sale for $59.99!

Freeze-resistant, the Classic Accessories Universal Snow Thrower Cab features a triple-plate clamping system to help secure the cabs in place. Constructed of snow- and water- resistant Weather-X fabric, it comes with quick release pins for easy storage or transport. Lightweight and easy-to-assemble, it requires no drilling for installation. Designed to fit most dual-stage snow throwers.

  • Briggs & Stratton 22″ Single Stage Snow Shredder: Now yours for $599.00, and you get a free $75 gift card!

Ideal for driveways, the Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Snow Shredder can be started and used in a matter of minutes. Designed for medium to heavy snowfalls (up to 12 in.), it uses patent-pending SnowShredder Serrated Auger technology to easily plow through heavily compacted snow. Powerful yet compact, it is supported by an all-steel housing complete with ball bearings for maximum durability.

  • Yard Machines 28″ Two Stage Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $799.99, now on sale for $719.99!

Clearing snow off your driveway has never been easier with this Yard Machines 28″ Two Stage Snow Thrower. Unstopped by even the heaviest of snow, it features a 180 degree crank chute control and multiple speed settingsーsix for forwards, two for reverse. Self-proprelled, this machine will have the job done in no time at all. Equipped with an electric 277cc engine.

  • Yard Machines 26″ Two Stage Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $699.99, now on sale for $629.99!

Reliable and efficient, the Yard Machines 26″ Two Stage Snow Thrower is powered by a 208cc engine for maximum snow-throwing ability. Easy to assemble, its design makes it ideal for larger sidewalks, patios and driveways with over 12 inches of snow. On top of its 2 reverse and 6 forward speeds, it also boasts a 26 inch clearing width and a 21 in. intake height for quick snow removal. Can throw up to 35 feet.

  • Troy-Bilt 21″ Single Stage Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $499.99, now on sale for $449.99!

Fitted with a powerful 208cc 4-cycle OHV engine, the Troy-Bilt 21″ Single Stage Snow Thrower clears large areas of snow both quickly and efficiently. Featuring a 2-way remote chute complete with 190 degrees of rotation, it can easily clear walkaways up to 21″ wide and 13″ deep in a single pass. With its lightweight gull-wing handle, manoeuvring the machine is a breeze.

Wanting to equip yourself with a snow thrower this winter? Blains Farm Fleet has the largest variety to choose from this Black Friday. They carry a number of Yard Machine models, all of which are available now for cheaper. If you’re not looking to invest too much on a snow thrower, yet you’d still like one in the garage, then the 21″ Single Stage Snow Thrower by Yard Machine is a good optionーthis upcoming weekend, it will only be $299.99, that’s over 15% off its original price tag!


  • Remington 21″ 123cc Single Stage Gas Snow Blower: Regularly priced at $299.99, now only $249.00 after a $50 mail-in rebate!

Powered by a 123cc Powermore OHV gas engine, the Remington 21″ Single Stage Snow Blower is perfect for small to medium snowfalls. Durable and reliable, it can easily throw snow away with its E-Z Chute rotation. Featuring a reversible polymer shave plate that helps to remove what’s left behind, its auger-assisted driving also leaves a clean path behind you. Has an intake height of 13″ and a clearing width of 21″.

Although it appears that Menards will only be putting forth a single Remington Snow Blower up for sale this Black Friday, they’ve done so at an incredibly low price pointーmaking it a great deal for those who’d like an affordable machine. Assuming I’m doing the math correctly, it’ll be over 15% its original price!


  • 2016-black-friday-snow-thrower-searsCraftsman 24 inch Dual Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine: Regularly priced at $829.99, now on sale for $599.99! (Plus members also get $50 in points)

Featuring 8 different speeds, the Craftsman 24″ Dual Stage Snow Thrower will have no issue clearing your sidewalk and driveways from snow with utmost ease. Equipped with a powerful 4-cycle, 208cc OHV engine, it delivers enough power to help you through the heaviest of blizzards. Fitted with easy control grips, maneuvering the machine will be easy even if you’re wearing thick winter gloves. Fitted with 4 X-Trac tires and skid shoes.

  • Craftsman 22 inch Dual Stage Snow Thrower with 179cc Engine: Regularly priced at $699.99, now only $399.99! (Plus $50 in points for Plus members)

Move snow quickly and efficiently with the Craftsman 22 inch Dual Stage Snow Thrower. With its 179cc 4-cycle OHV engine, there is absolutely no need for mixing oil and gas. Packed with dependable power, it discharges snow smoothly with its 180 degree rotating chute. Featuring a 10″ impeller and a 9″ serrated-steel auger, it easily plows through hard-packed snow with ease. Comes with a limited 2 year warranty.

Sears may just have the best snow thrower deals this Black Fridayーthe better of the two being that of the Craftsman 22″ Dual Stage Snow Thrower. At $300 off its original price, it is now marked at over 40% off. As an added bonus, Plus members will also receive $50 in points; if you deduct that from the already lowered price of $399.99, that makes the snow thrower only $349.99! Definitely a steal. From the looks of things, it’ll be hard to find a similar machine of that caliber for that price point this year.


  • Snow Joe Ultra Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $260.99, now on sale for $184.99!

Capable of moving up to 720 lbs. of snow per minute, the ultra-powerful Snow Joe Ultra Snow Thrower runs on a 15AMP monitor with four steel rotor blades. Constructed of heavy-grade steel, it will effectively clear your walkway and patio from snow in the blink of an eye. Easy to maneuver with its easy-glide wheels, the machine is also fitted with a 20W halogen light for snow-throwing in low light conditions. Effortless to start, it features an adjustable 180 degree discharge chute- so you can throw the snow wherever you want.

Although Snow Joe may not be as popular of a brand as say Remington and Yard Machines, the one advertised here by Overstock still appears to be a good deal as it will be over 40% off. Affordable yet efficient, it’s a good option for those who’d like to purchase a snow thrower without breaking the bank.

True Value:

  • Yard Machines 21 inch Snow Thrower with 123cc Engine: Regularly priced at $299.99, now only $249.00 after $50 mail-in rebate!

Equipped with a 123cc Powermore OHV 4-cycle engine, this 21 inch Snow Thrower by Yard Machines makes snow-removal easy from driveways to stairs. No need to mix gas or oil, the machine automatically fires up for an effortless start-up. Fitted with a clog-resistant, 180 degree rotational chute, clearing a path in the snow is now super easy. Simple to maintain, it has a 13″ intake and a 21″ clearing width, making it ideal for light snowfalls.

If you don’t mind a 123cc engine, this 21 inch Snow Thrower is a reasonable offer from True Value. If you’re interested, supplies will be limited- so be sure to snag one up quick!

Ace Hardware:

  • 2016-black-friday-snow-thrower-aceCraftsman 21 inch Electric Start Single-Stage Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $499.99, now on sale for $379.99!

Say goodbye to back-break shovelling with the Craftsman 21 inch Electric Start Single Stage Snow Thrower. Powerful despite its more compact size, it features a four-cycle OHV engine complete with separate reservoirs for oil and gasoline- which effectively simplifies the maintenance process. Fitted with a Snow Claw auger, it effortlessly breaks up clumps and throws the snow to wherever you need it to go. Has a 21″ clearing width and a 13″ intake height.

At close to 25% off, this 21 inch Single Stage Snow Thrower by Craftsman is an attractive offer for those who’d like to equip themselves for the forthcoming winter.


  • GreenWorks 13 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower: Regularly priced at $199.00, now on sale for $109.99!

Designed to be compact, the GreenWorks 13 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower features versatile directional throwing with its 180 degree directional chute. Complete with foldable handles, it offers premium snow-throwing capabilities with less noise and vibration. Powerful and economical, it is easy to fire up with its instant electric start. Powered by an electric motor, no gas nor maintenance will ever be needed.

Christmas Tree Shops:

  • Mini Electric Snow Thrower: Now on sale for $89.99 each!

Portable yet powerful, this Mini Electric Snow Blower is fitted with a heavy-duty auger and belt transmission for efficient clearing for small areas. Featuring 1100 watt of power, it can throw up to 10 feet of snow and boasts a clearing path of 12.5 inches. Constructed of plastic and metal, its handle is also foldable for easy storage. Some assembly required.

That’s all for our list of snow blowersーas you can tell, there are many brands and models to choose from this Black Friday. If you’re rather not lug the machine home yourself, you can even order them online and have them shipped directly to your home for added convenience. Before you commit to a certain snow blower, it may also be a good idea to compare the specs of the various models available to determine which would better meet your needs; for instance, there’s no need getting a 26 inch, dual stage 208cc machine if all you’ll be doing is removing snow from a small area. Who knows whether or not there will be a snow storm coming your way this winter, what’s certain is that it’s better to be over-prepared than under-preparedーnow’s the opportunity to equip yourself with a snow blower for cheap!

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