Top Tablets For Cyber Monday

Although Black Friday has come and gone, there are still more deals to be had this upcoming Cyber Monday. Known for being the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend, Cyber Monday is very much similar to Black Friday in that it brings forth many incredible sales on electronics, clothing, toys, video games, TVs, and more. Despite the similarities between the two dates however, one thing does make Cyber Monday stand outーin contrast to Black Friday, it generally involves online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. However having said that, an increasing number of physical retailers are also participating in the event in the recent yearsーmany of which offer special bargains both in-store and online. With many stores offering free shipping, Cyber Monday may just be even more convenient than Black Friday; there are no line ups, crowds, and your ordered items and shipped directly to your house! We know that electronics are a popular item during the sales event, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest deals available for tablets to help you with your shopping!

What is a tablet computer? Commonly referred to as just as “tablet”, these devices are essentially flat mobile computers. Popular for its portability and versatility, that can be suitable for both entertainment and work on the go. Fitted with a large (usually at least 7 inches) touch-screen display, they are significantly lighter than their laptop counterparts, making them more portable and easier to take with you on the go.

Having exploded in popularity within the last few years, tablets are a great option for viewing videos, photos and browsing the web; its sensitive touch screen also makes it easy to multitask and swipe through different apps. Aside from the popular Apple iPad, tablets are also produced by Sony, Samsung, Google, Dell, LG, Lenovo, to name a few brands. In fact, some companies have even made 2-in-1 laptops that can be switched back and forth from laptop and tablet modes.

However these portable mobile computers do not come cheap; their price tags can easily be comparable to that of laptops. It’s not rare for a tablet to cost well over a few hundred dollarsーespecially if it’s from a reputable electronics manufacturer; devices fitted with better hardware will of course, also fetch higher prices. Some of the more popular tablets include the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the Google Pixel C and the Sony Xperia Z4, amongst others. If you’re in the market for one of these techy gadgets, be sure to read on as we’ll be listing the top tablet deals for this upcoming Cyber Monday.


Featuring a stunning 7 inch IPS display, the Fire Tablet is equipped with a 1.3GHz guar-core processor for a smooth and powerful performance. Available in four different colours, it comes complete with a proprietary Alex cloud-based voice service. Boasting 7 hours of battery life, it can be used to enjoy millions of apps, movies, e-books and games. Includes 8GB of internal storage for all your files (expandable to 200GB).

With 50% more RAM than its predecessors, the Fire HD 8 Tablet also comes complete with two-times the storage and up to 12 hours of battery life. Fitted with a beautiful 8 inch HD display, it includes a microSD slot and a 16GB of built-in memory. With access to Amazon Underground, you also have access to thousands of games and apps! Available in four different colours.

Fitted with a colourful kid-proof case, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet features a crystal-clear 7 inch IPS display and includes access to thousands of kid-friendly material such as games, movies, and books. Equipped with front and rear cameras, it also comes with easy to use parental controlsーwhich allow you to manage content access and usage limits. Available in blue, green and pink.

If you’re considering on getting a Fire Tablet either the standard or Kid Edition, Amazon will be lowering their prices once again come Cyber Monday. You can now save $30 off of a Fire HD 8 or $25 off of the Kid’s Editionーwhich if I may add, is actually priced cheaper now than it was last year. Don’t forget that if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you also get unlimited access to a wide variety of books, videos and songsーbe sure to take advantage of it!

Additional Tablet Deals At


  • 2016-cyber-monday-tablets-walmartRCA Viking Pro 10.1 inch 2-in-1 Tablet: Regularly priced at $129.99, now yours for only $98.00!

Perfect for on-the-go entertainment, the RCA Viking Pro 2-in-1 Tablet comes with a 10.1 inch touch screen and 32GB of internal memoryーfor ample storage of all your multimedia files. Running on Google Android 5.0 Lollipop, it is powered by a 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor for a seamless performance. Featuring a detachable keyboard, you can easily transition the device into a stand-alone tablet in seconds. Comes with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Inch 16GB Tablet: Regularly priced at $299.99, now yours for only $179.98!

With a 9.7 TFT touch-screen, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A allows you to easily navigate through content with the swipe of a finger. Powered by a Quad-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM, it can handle even the heaviest of multi-tasking with ease. Fitted with 16GB of storage, you’ll have room to store all of your favourite videos, music, pictures, and more. Includes a GPS and both rear and front-facing cameras.

  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 128GB with Wi-Fi: Regularly priced at $749.00, now yours for only $649.00!

The perfect combination of performance and portability, the Apple iPad Pro is powered by the revolutionary A9X Chip and features the most advanced Retina display for outstanding graphics. Highly compact at only 6.1mm thin, it comes complete with a 12MP iSight Camera, a 5MP FaceTime HD Camera, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor for added security. Can be used for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Walmart’s Cyber Week tablet deals seem pretty decent this yearーfor instance, for less than $200 you can grab yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tag A which normally sells for over $300! If you’re more of an Apple type of person, they’re also offering the 9.7 inch Apple iPad Pro for $100 off of its original price. However while there are still savings to be had with that offer, the same iPad was being sold for $439 earlier this Black Fridayーjust something to think about.


  • 2016-cyber-monday-tablets-aafesMicrosoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet: Regularly priced at $999.99, now yours for only $799.99!

Designed to be high-performing, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet is equipped with a 6th Generation Intel Core i5 processorーmaking it suitable for both work and entertainment. Significantly lighter than its predecessor, it boasts a high contrast 12.3 inch screen complete with PixelSense technology, which helps to reduce eye strain and glare. With its multi-position kickstand, it can easily also be converted from tablet to laptop in a matter of seconds.

  • Samsung 10.1 Inch Galaxy Tab A Tablet: Regularly priced at $299.00, now yours for only $199.00!

Whether you’d like to browse the web or watch your favourite movie titles, the Samsung 10.1″ Galaxy Tab A has got your back. Your ideal entertainment companion, it is powered by an Octa-Core processor and comes with 16GB of internal memory. Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it also features a multi-window design, which allows you to open two separate apps at a time for greater productivity.

  • Samsung 7 Inch Galaxy Tab A Tablet: Regularly priced at $149.99, now yours for only $99.99!

Don’t let its smaller design fool you, the Samsung 7 Inch Galaxy Tab A is jam packed with powerful featuresーmuch like its 10″ counterpart. Powered by a Quad-Core processor, it offers an amazingly smooth performance, whether you’re engaging in work or entertainment. Usable for up to 11 hours with a single charge, it also comes with advanced camera systems so you’ll never have to miss capturing life’s special moments.

Whether you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Microsoft Surface Pro, AAFES is offering some fairly competitive prices this Cyber Monday. To break it down, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is currently 20% off, while the 10.1″ and 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tabs are both over 30% off! Remember, AAFES’ sales event will last until December 1st, 2016ーhowever it will strictly be online only.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 16GB: Regularly priced at $299.99, now yours for only $144.99!

Sleek with a luxurious back cover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 comes with a crystal clear 1.1 inch screenーmaking it perfect for movies, videos, photos and more. Powered by a 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be running smoothly, no matter the task. Easy to use, its multi-user mode also allows for up to 8 user accounts at a time on a single device. Comes with 16GB of internal memory.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Grade A Tablet: Regularly priced at $999.99, now yours for only $469.99!

Lightweight and versatile, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 delivers all the portability, productivity and power that you would ever need. Featuring a multi-position kickstand, you can easily work anywhere whether you’re in front of the TV or sitting in a plane. Aside from its 12 inch touch-screen display, it also features an amazing battery lifeーup to 9 hours on one charge. Comes pre-installed with Windows 10.

BJ’s Wholesale:

  • Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 Touch-Screen Laptop/Tablet: Regularly priced at $1549.99, now yours for only $1299.99!

Featuring the versatility of a tablet, the Microsoft 2-in-1 Surface Book features 8GB of internal memory and a 6th Generation Intel Core i5 Processorーmaking it suitable for all of your creative tasks. Easily switchable between laptop and tablet modes, its ultra compact design makes it extremely convenient to take with you on the go. Fitted with 2 USB ports for easy connectivity, it also includes a 125GB solid state drive for a powerful performance.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet: Regularly priced at $999.99, now yours for only $749.99!

Equipped with all the power that you’d need with its 6th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet boasts a stunning 12.3 inch PixelSense touch-screen display. Featuring 2736 x 1826 high definition resolution, it comes with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive for ample storage of your music, video, photos and more. Extremely lightweight at only 1.73 pounds, it can last up to 9 hours on a single charge.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has come up before in our listーin doing so, you may have realized that AAFES is actually selling it for $50 cheaper compared to Amazon ($799.99 vs $749.99). If you’re looking for a tablet with the versatility of a laptop, the Microsoft 2-in-1 Surface Book may be something worth checking outーit’s now available for only $1299.99! That’s close to 17% off of the retail price.


  • 2016-cyber-monday-tablets-apple-ipadApple iPad Mini 2 32GB: Now yours for only $200.00!

Packed with features, the Apple iPad Mini 2 weighs less than a pound and is only 7.55mm thin. Equipped with the powerful A7 chip, it boasts a performance that is up to 8x faster than that of its predecessor. Fitted with a FaceTime HD camera and a 5MP iSight Camera, it also features built-in Wi-Fi with MIMI technologyーfor a speedy connection to the internet. Includes 32GB of flash memory.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Book Cover: Now yours for only $430.00!

Featuring true-to-life colours, the ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is perfect for those who are looking for a light-weight yet powerful tablet to take with them on the go. Running on Android 5.0 Lollipop, its beautiful 8 inch QXGA AMOLED display delivers both vivid and highly dynamic graphics. Complete with a 8MP rear-facing camera, you can easily take high quality photos and videos with its auto-focus capabilities. Preloaded with Microsoft Office for maximum productivity and comes with a free book cover.

Looking for an Apple iPad Mini? Although it isn’t the latest model, the iPad Mini 2 that Costco’s offering is priced nicely at only $200.00ーjust a dollar more than that of Walmart’s Black Friday deal. Don’t underestimate its smaller screen size, it’s just as versatile as its larger counterparts. If you have your eyes set on buying a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, be sure to check out the one that Costco has put up for saleーit even comes with a free book cover!

Toys R Us:

  • Little Scholar Learning Tablet: Regularly priced at $129.99, now yours for only $109.99!

Suitable for children ages 3 to 7, the Little Scholar Learning Tablet will prepare your little one for spelling, math, reading, science, geography and more. Whether your child is in first grade or preschool, he or she will love the hundreds of pre-loaded songs, eBooks and learning apps. Lightweight and easy to carry at only 2 pounds. Available in green or pink.

Tablets aren’t just for adults, kids can have fun with them too! If you’re looking for a suitable option for your child, the Little Scholar Learning Tablet from Toys R Us may just be what you’re looking for. Considering the fact that it regularly sells for $149.99 on Amazon, $109.99 is more than just a fair price for this device!

That concludes the end of our listーas you can tell, it’s not all about Black Friday, Cyber Monday has its perks too. Why walk yourself into a gigantic crowd when you can shop for cheap at the comfort of your own home? As always, it’s probably best to read up a little bit on a specific model prior to making the purchase, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.