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Vacuum Cleaner Deals For Black Friday – The Top Discounts

Millions of shoppers from across the country take advantage of Black Friday deals that occur in Novemberーcountless stores slash down their prices, attracting many to lineup at their doors for the best possible bargains. From clothing to firearms, almost everything is buyable for a fraction of its original price during the Thanksgiving weekend. While some of us may be leaning towards purchasing a new gaming console or perhaps a new 42 inch TV for ourselves, others may be wanting to upgrade their home appliancesーfor instance, perhaps you’d like to replace that old microwave that’s been around for decades or that washing machine that just recently stopped working. Now’s the best opportunity to swap out the old for the new, why pay retail prices when you can snag them for a bargain during Black Friday? One home device that’s particularly popular during these sales event is the almighty vacuum cleanerーsurely a necessity in any household.

As I’m sure most of you would agree with me, vacuum cleaners are crucial in the maintaining and cleaning of the homeーhow else would you rid the floors from dirt and debris? Nowadays, vacuums are available in a wide variety, from uprights, canisters to bag-less modelsーin fact, some of the more advanced models are even capable of doing all of the cleaning themselves. However they all have something in commonーthey provide maximum suction power so that we’re able to keep our carpets and hardwood floors nice and clean. Having said that, a good quality vacuum doesn’t come cheap; while you can easily purchase an inexpensive model at your local department store, they tend not to last as long as their well-built counterparts. In fact, you’d probably end up spending more money in the long run buying cheaper vacuums as you’d have to replace them more often; in contrast, a high-quality vacuum can last you for many years.

It can definitely be an investmentーit’s not uncommon for vacuums of quality to cost upwards of a few hundred dollars; but it’s definitely an investment that’s worth it. While it’s inevitable that we may sometimes have to purchase one for retail, vacuum cleaners are typically heavily discounted during the Black Friday weekend. So if you can hold out with your old one until then, you’ll for sure be able to snag a high-quality one for cheap during the Thanksgiving holiday. A common device in every household, vacuums are put on sale by a number of stores for Black Friday including Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, BJs Wholesale, AAFES, Lowe’s and more. If you’re in the market for a new one, read onーwe’ll be putting together a list of some of the best vacuum cleaner deals available for this upcoming Black Friday.

The Best Black Friday Vacuum Deal UPDATE:

After looking over all the deals we’ve voted and decided the best vacuum deal for black friday is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum currently available at for only $199.  You can click here to automatically apply the Black Friday Discount at



  • 2016-black-friday-vacuum-deals-walmartDyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Originally $269.00, now only $196.00!

Hassle-free and compact, the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for cleaning surfaces of all kind from hard-floors to carpet. Powered by the Dyson Digital Motor V6, it effortlessly captures dust and debris with its motorized cleaner head and stiff, nylon bristles. Featuring a balanced design, it’s perfect for floor to ceiling cleanings. Now available for $196.00- that’s a $73 savings!

  • Black+Decker Robot Vacuum: Special buy, now only $196.00!

Cleaning the house is now a breeze with the Black+Decker Robot Vacuum. With a built-in scheduling function, it thoroughly cleans both carpeted and hard surfaces without manual effort. On top of its three built-in cleaning modes, it’s also capable of automatically docking and recharging. Comes with a remote control for added convenience.

  • Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner: Originally $138.00, now only $88.00!

Designed to clean debris from deep within the carpet, the Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner uses water heated up to 25 degrees for a better and more thorough cleaning. Equipped with a built-in hot water heater, it boasts six rows of DirtLifter Powerbrushes and a Tank-in-Tank water system. Convenient to use, easy to clean and empty.

  • Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Vacuum: Originally $88.00, now only $44.00!

Lightweight yet powerful, the Hoover T-Series Rewind Vacuum uses state-of-the-art WindTunnel technology for a great, more consistent suction power. Comes with a rinsable filter and a high-quality HEPA filter that removes allergens from the air. Comes with a powered hand tool, a dusting brush, an extension wand and a crevice tool.

  • Black+Decker Airswivel Upright Vacuum: Originally $48.00, now only $28.00!

Compact and easy-to-use, the Black+Decker Airswivel Upright Vacuum features 170 degree swivel-steering for greater manoeuvring around furniture. Fitted with an ergonomic handle and a generous 2L dust cup, it also comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Comes complete with washable filters, a 6.5 ft. hose and a 20 ft. power cord.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced Robot or Dyson vacuum, then Walmart may be worth checking out.


  • Shark Rocket Ultra Light Duo Clean Upright Vacuum: Originally $399.99, now only $239.99 (+free $60 gift card)!

Featuring DuoClean Technology, the Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Vacuum uses two separate brush rolls in spinning unison to remove dirt and debris from bare floors and carpets. Ultra light-weight and easy to maneuver, it comes with LED lights, washable filters, advanced swivel steering as well as an easy-to-empty dust cup. For Black Friday, it will also come with a free $60 Kohl’s Gift Card.

  • Shark Rotator Powered TruePet LiftAway Bag-less Vacuum: Originally $429.99, now only $279.99 (+free $60 gift card)!

A handy 3-in-1, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Bag-less Vacuum uses a motorized brush to thoroughly clean under furniture. Complete with HEPA and washable filters, it also comes with a small yet powerful TruePet Mini-Monotorized Brush attachment. Features convenient fingertip controls, advanced swivel steering and powerful LED lights for better viewing of surfaces. Exclusively during Black Friday, it will also be accompanied with a free $60 Kohl’s Gift Card.

  • 2016-black-friday-vacuum-deals-kohlsDyson Cinetic Big-Ball Animal and Allergy Bag-less Vacuum: Originally $779.99, now only $499.99 (+free $150 gift card)!

Featuring Cinetic technology and a hypo-allergic HEPA filtration system, the Dyson Cinetic Big-Ball Animal and Allergy Bagless Vacuum is designed to help you reclaim your floors. Adaptable to bare floors or carpet, it boasts a 13.4 inch cleaning path and a 0.55 gal. capacity- for maximum cleaning. Comes complete with a combination stair tool, brush and crevice tools, and a tangle-free turbine tool. If you purchase it on Black Friday, you’ll also be given a free $150 Kohl’s Cash Gift Card!

  • Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Vacuum: Originally $499.99, now only $299.99! (+free $90 gift card)

Easily tackle messes on both hard floors and carpet with the Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Vacuum. Using Radial Root Cyclone technology, it thoroughly removes dust, debris and dirt from all surfaces. Fitted with an adjustable cleaner head, it also comes complete with a tangle-free turbine tool, a stair tool, a combination tool and a multi-angle brush. Now you can get $90 in Kohl’s Cash with your purchase!

  • Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum: Originally $499.99, now only $299.99! (+free $90 gift card)

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum is perfect for removing pet hair and dirt from a variety of surfaces. Complete with fine nylon bristles, it utilizes Cyclonic technology to effortlessly separate dirt from the air. Comes with a docking station, a mini-soft dusting brush, a mini-motorizes tool and a crevice tool. For Black Friday, each purchase will also come with a free $90 gift card.

If you’re in the market for an affordable yet powerful vacuum, Kohl’s has a nice assortment of Dysons and Shark Vacuums to choose from this Thanksgiving. On top of their lowered prices, each cleaning device will also come with a free Kohl’s Cash Gift Cardーa definite deal for anyone who frequents the store!


  • 2016-black-friday-vacuum-deals-aafesiRobot Roomba: Originally $364.00, now only $255.00!

Allow the iRobot Roomba to do all the cleaning for you with the touch of a button. Featuring a patented 3 stage cleaning system, it thoroughly cleans dust from tile, hardwood and even carpets. Fitted with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology, its sensors allows it to maneuver through your room quickly and efficiently. Once its scheduled vacuuming is complete, it automatically returns to the Home Base Dock to recharge.

  • Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Upright Vacuum: Originally $149.99, now only $79.95!

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Upright Vacuum creates three separate channels of suction to remove both surface and deep-down debris. Fitted with a rinsable filter, its HEPA media filter also traps 99.97 percent of all pollens and allergens. Comes with a pet tool pack which includes an upholstery tool for pet hair, a turbo tool for furniture and stairs and a telescopic extension wand to clean hard to reach places.

  • Hoover Air Lift Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner: Originally $179.99, now only $129.99!

Keep allergens and dirt out of your home with the Hoover Air Lift Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner. Easy to steer, it features bag less technology for greater convenience and easier cleaning. Complete with a pet tool pack, its AllergenBlock and WindBlock 3 technologies help to remove dirt, dust and other irritants from the air. Comes with a 3-in-1 pivoting brush and turbo and crevice tools.

  • Shark Navigator DLX Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Originally $149.99, now only $99.95!

Featuring Never Loses Sunction Technology, the Shark Navigator DLX Upright Vacuum is easy to maneuver and use at only 15 pounds. Featuring an extra large capacity dust cup, its motorizes brush roll can be turned on or off for optimal performance on bare floors and carpets. Comes with a dusting brush, a 5.5 inch crevice tool and a wide upholstery tool.

If you’re looking to snag the immensely popular iRobot Roomba vacuum, AAFES’ deal on it will be one of the best that you can find this Black Fridayー30% off its original price!


  • Dyson V6 Motorhead + Cordless Rechargeable Stick Vacuum: Now $105 off its original price!

The Dyson V6 Motorhead Plus Cordless Vacuum offers maximal cleaning performance without the hassle of cords. Featuring 75% more power than the earlier model, it delivers up to 20 minutes of consecutive suction. Comes complete with a Direct-drive cleaner head that helps to remove dirt from the deepest layers of carpet. Includes a combination tool for crevices and hard-to-reach surfaces.

  • Dyson Ball Complete Upright Vacuum: Now $160 off its original price!

Featuring a Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, the Dyson Ball Complete Upright Vacuum utilizes Radial Root Cyclone technology to deliver maximum suction power. Constructed from durable yet lightweight materials, its Dyson Ball technology offers smooth and easy maneuverability. Perfect for all floor-types, it includes a whole-machine HEPA filtration system for removal of common allergens form the air.

Although it appears that Costco will only be discounting a small handful of Dyson vacuums, the prices that they’re offering are still highly competitive compared to other retailers.

Best Buy:

  • iRobot Roomba 655 Robot Vacuum: Originally $429.99, now only $279.99!

A beast of a vacuum, the iRobot Roomba 655 can be programmed for pre-scheduled cleaning for easy maintenance of your home. Aside from its signature 3-stage cleaning, it also features a large capacity bin for maximal removal of dirt and debris from floor surfaces. With Cliff- and Wall-detecting technology, it is capable of avoiding stairs and cleaning along wall corners and edges.

  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum: Originally $399.99, now only $249.99!

The floors of your home will be spotless with the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum. With its cyclonic technology, it removes messes and debris with ease. Simple to maneuver, it is fitted with a reusable cloth filter that removes both dust and allergens from the air for a healthy living environment. Comes with a tool holster and a combination stair tool.

  • Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum: Originally $499.99, now only $299.99!

Equipped with a self-adjusting cleaner head, the Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum uses Radial Root technology to effectively remove dust and debris from your home. Easy to use with its bag less design, the hygienic bin can be emptied with the push of a button. Includes a tangle-free turbine tool, star tool, combination tool and a multi-angle brush.

That’s all for our compiled list of Black Friday vacuum dealsーbut remember, there are a lot more hot buys to be had in stores. The good thing about purchasing a vacuum cleaner from a big box retailer is the fact that they all tend to come with a store warranty (on top of a manufacturer warranty); so should anything happen to it, you can easily get it replaced or fixed with no hassle. With all the different options available this Thanksgiving weekend as far as vacuums go, it may be worth your time to compare the different models available, and pick one accordingly to your needsーas different vacuums have different functions and capabilities.

If you’d rather skip the hassle of having to lug a vacuum cleaner home in your vehicle, you can also order one conveniently onlineーmost if not all of the above mentioned stores do offer online shopping services (with free shipping). But remember, quantities of items will still be limited as it is Black Friday, so try not to wait until the last minute to grab your items!

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