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Toys R Us Cyber Monday Deals and Offers

It’s a common problem, you’ve over-indulged during Thanksgiving and as a result you’ve found yourself unwilling, or perhaps even unable to take advantage of all those great Black Friday deals, but never fear because that’s why they invented Cyber Monday.

Toys R Us had a huge amount of deals for their Black Friday sale this year but now that they’ve got into the habit of attracting crowds of discount seekers through the doors in search of a doorbuster deal, they’re about to launch their Mega Cyber Sale Week which runs all the way from Monday November 28th until Saturday December 3rd 2016, so this time there really will be no excuses.

The sale will see hundreds of items on offer at great reductions, with most items available both online and in one of the chains 570+ stores. We’ve listed a few of the best offers below just to wet your appetite, so whether you’re looking for something specific, or just buying a few holiday gifts early, and saving yourself money at the same time, Toys R Us will likely have something for you during the Cyber Week Sale.

Best Toys R Us 2016 Cyber Monday Deals

For Toddlers and Younger Children

  • Let your little one play with wild animals without fear of attack, a Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark Gift Set is only $19.99 during the Cyber Monday Sale week, a $10 reduction on the regular price.
  • If you’d rather your child has a far more domesticated playtime pet, then why not check out the stores range of Hamsters in a House items, which will be reduced by 20% during the sale.
  • You’ll be able to buy any Littlest Pet Shop figures & Playsets at 30% off and the same discount will apply to sets of Animal Jam Dress Up Friends, which are just $17.49 during the sale. Prices of Zoomer Kitty, Hedgies and Meowzies are all reduced by 20%.
  • They grow up so fast and before you know it they’ll be mountain biking or skateboarding or something equally energetic, so give them a stable and safe introduction to the World of two wheels, with the SmarTrike Delight 3 in 1 Trike or Spirit 4 in 1 trike. They are both reduced by 40% during the sale and prices range from $50.99 to $59.99.
  • If your child isn’t quite ready to propel themselves along just yet, then the Mickey or Minnie Motorized Choo Choo set with Tracks will take them along the tracks at a gentle 1MPH. It’s available for just $49.99 during the sale, a reduction of 50%, and the set is suitable for children aged 1 and over.
  • If you’ve got plenty of room in the garden and you want to encourage your children to get away from the TV and out into the great outdoors, well into the outdoors at least, then you may be interested in the Big Backyard Treasure Set. It’s reduced by $300 to $499.99 during the sale and includes 2 belt swings, 2 wave slides and a lower clubhouse area. It’s an investment but sure to keep the younger children happy and safely close to home.
  • If you haven’t got quite such a spacious garden, or your budget isn’t quite as generous for garden toys, then the Happy Home Cottage and Grill from Step2 may be more to your liking. This den will accommodate 3 smaller children, or four at a push, and will set you back just $99.99 during the sale, a reduction of $90.
  • If you have a budding Captain America at home then you could give him a chance to try the suit on for size, quite literally. Toys R Us have a 30% reduction in the cost of the full range of Marvel Avengers, action figures, role play and play sets during the sale, but be aware, super powers are not included in the price. If being a crime fighting reptile is more to your youngsters taste then Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and play sets are reduced by 20%, and so are the full range of DC dolls, action figures and play sets.

Toys for Older Children

  • There will be a great deal on Power Rangers Dino Super Charge packs during the Cyber Monday sale, the Cycle 2-Pack and the Deluxe Zord 2-pack will both be available at just half price, prices range from $9.99 to $14.99.
  • Unless you have been living in an underground bunker for a while, you’ve probably heard about this Pokemon business, it’s been quite the thing this year, and Toys R Us will be offering a 20% discount on their full range of Pokemon plush toys, headphones and walkie talkies, and they also have over 500 Pokemon toys to choose from, although unfortunately not reduced for the sale.
  • You’ll be able to get 25% off of all character-themed skates and skateboards during the sale, from Disney themed boards to superheroes, there’s a huge selection to choose from. And if your children like their activity in the form of some fun sports, Fisher-Price toy sports sets will also receive a 25% discount during the sale.
  • What could go wrong with giving a child a super-soaker NERF water gun? Come on, a drop of water never hurt anyone, so be brave and treat your special little guy or girl to their own NERF gun, there are five different models available at a 20% discount during the sale.

Toys for Girls and Dolls

  • If you would rather give your little Princess something a bit more genteel and ladylike, or you just think she would be too deadly with a NERF gun, you could always treat her to one of Toy R Us’s large range of Barbie dolls, they’ll all be reduced by 20% during the Mega Cyber Sale week.
  • You’ll also find the that Toys R Us are offering a discount of 40% on their range of Lalaloopsy fashion and dress up dolls, and the same reduction is also being applied to Lalaloopsy play sets and doll accessories.
  • All Monster High Dolls, associated Play sets and accessories will be reduced by 25% during the Toys R Us Cyber Monday Sale Week.
  • If you spend $50 or more on one of the Disney Princess, Elena of Avalor, Frozen or Moana dolls, then you’ll receive a Disney Princess Tabletop Vanity mirror set, worth $39.99 absolutely free.
  • That isn’t the only great deal you’ll get from the range of Disney items in Toys R Us over the sale period either. All Disney Infinity Starter packs are just $9.99 each, a massive discount from their regular price of $39.99 to $74.99, and the Disney Infinity play sets are just $14.99, a discount of at least half price, and finally you can pick up additional Disney Infinity single figures for just $3.99, their regular price is $13.99 to $15.99.

Electronics and Video Games

  • Toys R Us have a great early stocking filler in the form of one of the range of Nintendo 3DS XL Game Systems, which will be all reduced by $25 from $199.99 to $174.99 during the sale week, however this offer does exclude the Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon game systems.
  • You’ll able to choose from a selection of 2K video games, suitable for both Playstation and X-Box during the sale. Two games will cost just $70 and the titles within the deal include W2K17, NBA2K17, XCOM2 and Bioshock.
  • There will be 20% off of all Fast Lane Remote Control vehicles during the sale, and there are over thirty to choose from. If you want to stock up on batteries for the controllers then Toys R Us will be offering Duracell packs at 40% off the second pack bought.
  • You know you’re getting old when drones are getting cheap, well that’s my perspective on maturity anyway, and I for one would love to pick up a DX-2 Stunt drone, or DX-4 Streaming drone at 25% off during the sale. Both provide a sharp image from high in the sky and prices start from just $29.99.
  • If your youngster wants to become a Beethoven of the future, or maybe if you just feel like tapping out a ditty yourself, then the Yamaha 61 Key Keyboard will be reduced by 25% and available for just $82.49 during the Cyber Monday Week long sale. Perhaps you’d like to make the music a family affair, and you could always get 20% off of a Singing machine Karaoke system, usually retailing for over $100.
  • Just think of the money you could save at weddings and other family occasions if there was a professional photographer in the family. Give your child the chance to tell people to ‘Say Cheese’ for a living and get paid handsomely for it, save $15 on All FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Cameras, available from just $54.99 during the sale. Cameras are available in his and hers colors of pink and blue.
  • When I was a child, they just didn’t have things like the Power Wheels 12-volt Jeep Hurricane, well I never saw anything like it anyway, but this nifty little truck is quite a toy. It comfortably seats two child sized riders and can go up to 5MPH. The Hurricane is offered during the sale at a discount of $150 and is available for just $299.99
  • For some kids they want a more open form of electronic transportation, and sometimes 5MPH is just not fast enough. Give your children the opportunity to hit the giddy thrill of 10MPH on the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter in green or pink. Prices are reduced by $40 to just 89.99 each and the scooter is suitable for ages 8 and above.

Construction Kits and LEGO

  • The Hot Wheels Auto Lift Express-way kit will be only $47.99 during the sale, a reduction of 40% from it’s regular price of $79.99. It’s sure to buy you a few quiet hours and is suitable for ages five and above.
  • You can pick up the full range of Lego Bionide Construction sets at up to 30% off of the regular price during the sale, but there’s an even better deal of the full range of LEGO Dimensions Story packs, where you’ll be able to obtain a 40% discount on the regular prices.
  • Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoy, from K’Nex construction, both offer an original building experience for inquiring young minds, and both are reduced by 25% off of the regular price during the Cyber Monday Sale week. The same discount also applies to all magnetic construction kits.
  • Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Construction sets will be available at a discount of 40% during the sale, and for younger builders, the Mega Bloks First Builders Blocks Scooping wagon may be just what you’re looking for, it’s reduced from $39.99 to just $23.99 during the Cyber Monday week.
  • Toys R Us will be offering many more deals during the week long Cyber Monday sale and any sales online worth $19 or more will also qualify for free shipping as an added bonus. Be aware that all offers may be limited while stocks last and new offers will appear on the Toys R Us online store daily.

Toys R Us Cyber Monday Hours & FAQ’s

When Does Toys R Us Open it’s Cyber Monday Sale?

The Cyber Monday Sale week will begin at 9am Eastern time on the online Toys R Us Store, and most Toys R Us retail locations will open at the same time, but local opening hours may vary so please check with your local store for individual opening hours. The Cyber Monday sale week will run all the way through until the close of business of Saturday 3rd December 2016.

Can You Shop Online or is it In-Store Only?

The Toys R Us Cyber Monday deals and offers will be available online and in-store for the duration of the sale, however some deals may be withdrawn when stocks are exhausted and new offers will appear on the online store throughout the week, so check the company website daily to catch the latest offers.

What is the Toys R Us Returns Policy?

Toys R Us generally accept returned goods up to ninety days after they were purchased, as long as you have your receipt. Certain stores may require a form of ID in order to process returned goods depending on how payment was initially made. Please contact your local store for their individual requirements or see the Toys R Us for a detailed explanation of their returns policy.'
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