Friday, February 3, 2023

World’s Oldest Person Turns 117

Most people don’t really get to 100 years of age but Emma Morano has just celebrated her 117th birthday. Emma, who was born on November 29, 1899, is the last known person alive from the 1800s.

Emma celebrated her 117th birthday with her two nieces, her physician and caregivers. She was given a cake with the number 117. Emma said last month that she only eats two eggs a day and cookies. She added that she does not eat much because she has no teeth.

She received a message, which was read by an official, from the president. The message wished her serenity and good health. Emma also received gifts and said she was happy to turn 117. She celebrated her birthday in her apartment but there was a second party planned for her later today. This party would also have a cake and a visit from the mayor.

Emma is the last known person alive who was born in the 1800s and her age is in the Guinness World Records. She has a certificate from them saying that she is the oldest person alive.

Emma has not left her apartment in years but she says people come from all over the world to see her. She told the La Stampa newspaper a few years ago that her fiance had lost his life in World War One. She also told Reuters TV recently that her life wasn’t so nice. Emma explained that she had worked in a factory until she was 65 years old.

She worked in the factory to support herself after leaving her husband, who she told the La Stampa a few years ago that she was forced to marry with. Emma lost her only son at a young age but continued to work in the factory.

Emma has a hard time hearing now but can still speak. She does not watch TV as she also has a hard time seeing but does like to sleep. The visit from the mayor for her second party was planned after her nap. Emma says she doesn’t eat much but she did receive her favorite biscuits as a gift. She celebrated her birthday with a cake and there would be a second one later today with the visit from the mayor.

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