Best Camera Apps for iOS

ProShot being used on an iPhone

The iPhone 7 Plus has one of the best cameras in a mobile phone today. With dual cameras, it is able to shoot stunning pictures in 12 megapixels. However, the default camera app can be rather limiting. With a very limited amount of filters, and with a low level of customisation, it can get rather tricky to shoot an awesome photo. These five camera apps top our charts for the best camera apps for iOS, enabling you to shoot sharp, clear, and beautiful photos in a pinch.

#1 Camera+ ($0.99)

Camera+, by “tap tap tap” has long been the go-to photography app for amateurs and professionals alike, with many customisation options, and an array of different modes, from anti-shake to slow shutter mode. It is constantly updated by the creators, and will likely keep being updated for years to come, judging by the massive success of this app. However, I do have a complaint about it – the workflow doesn’t really work. Theres an option for a “lightbox”, which saves your photos to a temporary “lightbox”, so you can weed out those shots with that pesky photobomber, or the shaky shot. However, it can be quite time-consuming, especially if all you want to do is view the last photo and share it to Facebook or Instagram. Turning this off also causes difficulty. Without this option, tapping the space where usually your last photo is shown shows a blank space, and one has to close Camera+, and open the photos app just to view the last photo taken. All in all, it is an exceptional camera app, with one minor drawback.

#2 ProCam 4 – Manual Camera + RAW ($4.99)

Though quite a mouthful, “ProCam 4 – Manual Camera + RAW” has a secret trick up it’s sleeve. RAW format export. Exporting in RAW format means that the photos are not compressed, which allows for un-destructive camera editing. In addition, it gives the user full control over the camera, with manual settings for ISO, focus, shutter speed, and white balance, making it a perfect option for those with an DSLR. However, I consistently found myself switching back to auto mode, as setting all four of these while getting the perfect shot can be rather time consuming. The design of this app is simple and clean, and looks very similar to the stock apple camera app. The app can be a bit intimidating to use at first, but after a while, it becomes easy to use, with many intuitive features.

#3 Hipstamatic ($0.99)

While the previous two apps were more focussed on the experienced individual, Hipstamatic, priced at just 99 cents is a more fun-filled experience, with classic filters, and a bright and retro interface. The filters add a classic feel to the photo, as well as adding a fade to the edge of the photo, along with a multitude of other editing options. An awesome feature is that new lenses and films are released every month, so you’ll never run out of lenses and films. However, the “lenses” and “films”, can be addicting and expensive, much like the real-world counterparts they are looking to replace (think Kodak film). For the casual shooter looking to spice up their instagram photos, Hisptamatic is a staple.

#4 Prisma (Free)

Prisma turns your photos into works of art. Ok, maybe not quite, but what it does do is vectorises and shade your photos, so they look like art. It has the unique ability to turn the most boring of photos into a wonderful and colorful art piece. However, Prisma-filtered photos seem to have flooded social media, so your filtered photo may not be original as you think.

#5 ProShot ($5.99)

Ok, back to professional photo apps. ProShot is by far the best looking photo app out there in terms of design, and this translates to relative ease of use. It gives you all the customisation options you need, and a few you don’t, but displays it in a logical, and easy-to-access manner. ProShot is one of the easiest to use camera apps which give you full control over the camera, which makes it perfect for bridging the gap between the point-and-shoot and the DSLR, the beginner and the professional. With ProShot, you’ll be shooting perfect photos in no time. My only gripe, which isn’t their fault, is that since the design is so good, the quick-access camera from the lockscreen looks horrible, and it makes me wish that you could choose the quick-access camera, though of course the quick-access camera is exactly that – a quick access point and shoot, for those moments you can’t miss.


These five apps will be more than enough to quench your thirst for awesome, beautiful camera apps. ProCam, Camera+, and ProShot will be perfect for those with the time to compose a perfect shot, whereas Hipstamatic, and Prisma will more than suffice for those Instagram selfies. I personally use ProCam, as it looks the most similar to the stock app, and I am a perfectionist, and can’t stand the lockscreen camera app looking different from my normal camera app.