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Top 10 Best Jewelry Stores – Reviews & Comparisons

Top 10 Best Jewelry Stores- Reviews & Comparisons

When the average person thinks of jewelry stores, they think of places like Jared, or Kay. Some may even think of Zales or one of their local jewelers. However, there are some jewelry stores that are of much higher quality, but also of higher prices. The media and advertising makes the average person think that these smaller, local jewelry chains are all that we have, but if one digs deeper, they will find the hidden jewels of jewelry stores. This list is the top ten jewelry stores in the world. These jewelry stores are prestigious and luxurious, and only the richest people can even think of spending money at these stores. However, it is always nice to dream. Perhaps you win the lottery tomorrow, or get a huge promotion. Whether one of those things happen, or you have a lack of spending money, it is still a good idea to know as much as you can, so sit back and enjoy the list, and feel free to fantasize.

Number 10 – The Mikimoto Jewelry Brand


A Japanese man by the name of Kokichi Mikimoto first started up the Mikimoto jewelry brand back in 1983. This man is considered to be the father of the pearl, as he invented the cultured pearl. Because of this, the Mikimoto jewelry brand mainly consists of cultured pearls within his collections. The jewelry brand only uses the finest, most luxurious and rare oceanic pearls. Mikimoto uses the very rare pink conch pearls, Titian pearls, South Sea pearls, and white pearls. Also, the brand has a strict quality policy, where any gold or platinum must be of at least 18 karats, the VS must be of the highest quality, diamonds must be G color or better, all gemstones are colored naturally, and the string pearls use only the best silk threads.

The Mikimoto line consists exclusively of singular pieces of jewelry. The design of each item is unique, usually with each piece of jewelry looking like a classic piece with a new, modern spin on it. The average Mikimoto item is usually made of just one or two types of stones, to keep it as pure as possible. The main purpose of the brand is to have pearls that are of only the purest quality.

The jewelry from the Mikimoto brand can be worn at any time of day, which makes it an excellent choice. Some pieces blend in with most outfits, while others stand out quietly, and make a statement. All in all, the Mikimoto jewelry store is a fantastic place to buy high quality, beautiful pearls, if you have a big enough wallet, of course.

Number 9 – The Chopard Jewelry Brand



If you want to buy from a high end jewelry store, and you want other people to notice what you are wearing from there, Chopard jewelry stores would be your best bet. Most Hollywood celebrities wear lines from Chopard. It is the Beats by Dre, or Ralph Lauren Polo, of jewelry brands.

Chopard is a luxury Swiss jewelry maker and watch maker. The brand, like Mikimoto, only believes in using the purest, finest, and rarest materials in its collection. Also like Mikimoto, all gold used in the products must be at least 18 karat gold, and the gemstones used all must be completely genuine.

What stands out most in Chopard jewelry is the attention to detail in each piece. The precision and quality control is phenomenal, and this is a major part of the brand’s look and identity. All items have a classic and simple look, but with a modern, original spin. For example, some pieces of jewelry from the Chopard brand has little diamonds moving around inside little cases within the item, or they will have gold swirls and tiny Chopard branding to add texture and movement.
If you want to make a statement, or look like you are a famous celebrity, buying jewelry from Chopard is the way to go. The brand is quite expensive, but with the attention to detail and high quality ingredients, you couldn’t go wrong. That is why the Chopard jewelry brand is sitting here at number nine on our list of the top ten jewelry stores in the world.

Number 8 – The Bvlgari Jewelry Brand


This brand of jewelry has been around for as long as any brand. An Italian brand most famous for its Greek and Roman style jewelry pieces, like their gold bracelets and necklaces that have large gems within, Bvlgari has been around since the year 1884. The brand was started by Solrtirio Bulgari in Rome. The brand went unnoticed for a while, but it was always of high quality and of great design. Around 1970, famous Hollywood celebrities discovered the brand, and since then the brand has become one of the most well known and popular brands in the world. The name was soon changed from Bulgari to Bvlgari, with the “u” being switched out with a “v”.

To this day, the Bvlgari jewelry company remains a leader in the large world of high quality jewelry. The jewelry store continues to use elaborate pieces that are a mix of the traditional Roman designs and new, modern and original designs. Some unique traits to the brand are strong shapes, big pieces, Italian stones, cuffs, bangles, and bright, florally designed motifs.

Number 7 – The Piaget Jewelry Brand


The Piaget jewelry brand was started in 1874 by a man by the name of Georges Edouard Piaget. The company specialized in diamond watches. At the time, these watches were incredibly popular, with a very large demand. Georges Edouard Piaget took advantage of the opportunity, and hence, one of the most profitable and successful jewelry stores was opened. At around 1960, the company started to expand globally, and they also started selling more items and accessories. This created a very nice and diverse line of products that people could purchase, and today the company is considered one of the most established brands of jewelry in the world.

The company sells lots of Old World designed items, and going through one of their stores is like walking through a time capsule. This type of jewelry is essential to the vision of the company. The brand also has styles akin to Old Hollywood and fantasy gardens of old times. For example, the Piaget rose is one of the most recognizable items in the Piaget line. These pieces have been through it all. Hundreds of fragile, rare, and strong designs make the Piaget company the iconic name it is today.

Most designs of the brand are sleek, sophisticated, and simple, with a modern touch. They speak of movement with their bold, angled lines. This is especially true when looking at the watches by Piaget. These luxurious watches are all about movement, and the attention to detail and the quality materials used to make them are astonishing. The brand has some of the most ingenious and revolutionary designs, with an openwork dial and watch faces unlike any the world has ever seen. You can even adjust the watches to be worn at new angles at the bands. If you want to buy an iconic jewelry staple, and look amazing while doing so, buy from the Piaget jewelry company.

Number 6 – The Graff Jewelry Company


The Graff jewelry company was founded in 1960 by a man who went by the name of Lawrence Graff in the United Kingdom. While the company hasn’t been around for as long as some of the others, it has still been around for over 50 years and Graff has become an iconic household name. The company specializes in some of the most prestigious jewelry accessories in the universe. They even cut and source their own materials, cutting out the middle man and increasing their quality control. Graff is an annovator, and because of this, their jewelry is always the highest quality and finest materials. Graff uses some of the rarest diamonds in the world in their products, and it shows.
What makes the Graff jewelry company different than the other jewelry companies is that they use humungous stones, much larger than one would expect, yet they make them work. Even Lawrence Graff himself has said that the company is all about large stones. Because of his want to always have bigger stones for his products, he has become a multi billionaire and his company has become established as one of the most elite jewelry companies in the world.

Number 5 – The Tiffany Jewelry Company


Of all the names on this list, Tiffany is probably the one that is the most recognizable to the average person. This top, elite luxury jewelry brand has become a household name over the years, and it offers a wide spectrum of different products to buy, all of the highest quality and finest diamonds. Their products are great for any occasion, whether that is a Saturday morning, a sunny day, or a Friday night. The Tiffany jewelry company also makes jewelry made exclusively for men, and also children.

Accessories from the Tiffany jewelry company scream quality. The great quality of each product and the attention to detail is what has made Tiffany such a popular commodity. The gold and silver designs are stunningly sharp and beautiful, and the stones that Tiffany uses are of the finest and most pure. If the material isn’t top notch, it isn’t used to make a Tiffany product. Every single detail is accurate and checked over multiple times. Each piece is unique, yet also made to perfection. Buying from the Tiffany jewelry company assures you that you are buying only the highest quality product out there.

While Tiffany’s products are very modern and reflect current times, the company has classic items they have been selling since way back into the early 1800’s. For example, the pave diamond bangle bracelet has been around since 1837, and the accessory continues to be a lasting symbol in the jewelry industry.

But what sets these classic styles apart from other brands are how perfected they are, and how none of them have any sort of error. The design of the jewelry brings the objects that the jewelry is mimicking to life, whether it is trees, birds, or flowers. The Tiffany jewelry brand has always been able to say that they are only of the most luxurious jewelry for serious buyers.

However, quality this high means that one would need a checkbook of the largest proportions. It takes the Tiffany jewelry company over a year to make certain items in their catalog. If you have the money, you can’t go wrong with Tiffany.

Number 4 – TheVan  number4-van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Company


A long time ago, in France, Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef collaborated to create the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company. The Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company stands in its own class, one of extremely high quality materials. The brand is inspired by the simple, elegant beauty of nature, and its randomness that somehow forms its own patterns. The jewelry is ever changing and adapting, so you can be sure that what you are buying is only of the highest and newest quality and design. A lot of the jewelry from the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company shows movement and natural patterns, almost as if it alive. Even the website for the company evokes this style, as the animations and videos all give off the appearance of life and movement.

The Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company uses this as a symbol for how difficult it is to make the jewelry, and how much attention to detail is needed to make such beautiful pieces.

The brand makes a ton of pieces based on living things such as plants and birds. For example, the Oiseaux de Paradis, also known as Birds of Paradise, earrings show the creators love of birds and the accessory uses them as a symbol of movement. When you take the pair of earrings and hold them next to each other, it looks as if one birds is dropping a fruit into the other bird’s mouth, and the position of the bird shows acceptance, as it is lower.

The Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company also makes watches that come in a wide array of styles and sizes. Some of their most high end watches have dials that have gem inlaid motifs and scenes that act as a symbol for the passing of time and how one should remember precious moments that they hold dear to them. The Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry company is not just one of the most luxurious and expensive jewelry companies, but each item of theirs is also a piece of art.

Number 3 – The Buccellati Jewelry Brand


The Buccellati jewelry company is most well known for their high quality Italian gold. The many pieces show homage to classic Roman styles, but they modernize them through new, young eyes. The stringy carvings and indentions give off the appearance of a soft finish from a distance. The company also gives their pieces a texture effect by changing the appearance of the metal through the use of many tools.

They even mix gold and silver together to give off a softer appearance, a unique texture, and a color enhancement. The company specializes in making jewelry that not only looks great, but feels great too. From afar, your eyes could tell that these are elite pieces of jewelry. But when you get closer and start feeling for yourself, your fingers will help you realize that the Buccellati jewelry company is more than your average jewelry company. Of course, all of this extra detail means extra money, but if you have that money, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy from Buccellati.

Number 2 – The Harry Winston Jewelry Company


The Harry Winston jewelry company is known for classic and grand diamond jewelry. Harry Winston is arguably the greatest jeweler in the world. He founded the company in 1932 with the money he made from buying and selling estate jewelry, which happened to become an important line in the Harry Winston collection. Like most other brands on this list, the Harry Winston brand is known for their durable, high quality jewelry that is known to have a great attention to the little details. Each item is created by a master craftsman, so durability and quality is guaranteed. Some of the most famous and iconic luxury jewels have Harry Winston’s name on them. All of the diamonds in his line are original, different, and have a history and a great pedigree. The Harry Winston jewelry brand is one of the greatest, and it would be number one if not for the next jewelry company on this list. However, buying from the Harry Winston jewelry company will guarantee you a quality item and assurance that you are getting one of the best possible accessories out there.

Number 1 – The Cartier Jewelry Brand


For all of the other jewelry companies on this list, there is one that stands above the rest. That would be the Cartier jewelry company, one that has existed since 1860, and since its creation, no other jewelers have come close to matching its quality, attention to detail, and iconic design. Since the beginning, the quality and style attracted many new customers, and soon enough, Cartier was a household name. Even royals and some of the most prestigious people in the world ordered from this house of jewelry.

Even the Duchess of Windsor bought from this brand, and she was so captivated by the panther that symbolizes the brand, a symbol of fluid, mellifluous design, that she asked the brand to make her numerous accessories with the motif featured on them. The most famous item she ordered was the six and a half inch diamond and emerald bracelet, which happened to sell for over 7 million US dollars.

The Cartier jewelry brand is always continuing its tradition of incorporating the panther into its designs. The jewelery appeals to modern tastes, yet it is also a throwback to its classic roots. The heritage, importance, and how iconic the brand is will always be unmatched, and for that, Cartier is number one on this list. If you want to buy jewelry, and have the money to do so, buying from the Cartier jewelry company is your best option due to its amazing quality, attention to detail, and value.

Wearing Cartier jewelry is like driving in a Bugatti Veyron, or Pagani Zonda. The quality and style is unmatched by any other company, and because of that, the Cartier jewelry company will always be considered at the top of its game. The competition doesn’t even come close to surpassing Cartier.'
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