Burglars Crash Rented Kia SUV Into Palo Alto Apple Store

On Sunday, a group of burglars reportedly crashed an SUV into the Palo Alto Apple Store to get inside. The car used to get inside the store was a rented Kia Soul, which police found on the sidewalk when they got there. The car was damaged after crashing into the glass entrance of the Apple Store.

Police began searching for the group after finding a hole in the glass entrance of the Apple Store. They found a car nearby, which had many Apple products. Police continued the search and later arrested four people. Two of the four people arrested are 19 and 18 years old while the other two are under the age of 18.

It is not the first time that thefts have been reported from Apple Stores but the others have happened during times when the store was opened and people just took Apple products and left. The four people arrested after the incident have not been linked to any of the Apple Store thefts that have happened in the past.

Police have only arrested four but the group that crashed into the Apple Store on Sunday reportedly had eight to ten people. The store is currently boarded up but an Apple spokesman said the shop would be open later today. Most Apple Stores have a glass entrance, which doesn’t give them a lot of protection.

The car that police found with the Apple products was left half a block away but police still don’t know how much products were stolen. The robbery on Sunday is the latest on Apple Store in recent months. A few other thefts have been reported after people entered the store, grabbed a product and left. But the incident on Sunday was more than just grabbing a product and leaving. The group left a hole in the store’s entrance, avoiding the bollards that were placed in front of the store.

The bollards protect this from happening but the group reportedly drove onto the sidewalk to get to the glass entrance. The rented SUV was found near the entrance when police arrived but police are still searching for the rest of the group.