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Elephone S8 – Specs, Release Date and Price

The bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix recently made its debut and the company has been selling them fast. But the company could soon have competition from Elephone as their next phone, the Elephone S8, is said to have a similar display to that of the Mi Mix.

The price and release date is unknown but from the recent information, it appears that the company is planning an impressive release. The Elephone S8 has a bezel-less design that reminds some of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Elephone has released a number of phones in the past but the Elephone S8 could be its best release yet as the few companies who have released phones like this have had success. The Xiaomi Mi Mix, which was announced in October and released the following month, has been a huge success for the company as the phone sold out in ten seconds during its first sale. During its second sale, it took the company just 20 seconds more as the phone sold out in 30 seconds. Not only is the Xiaomi Mi Mix an impressive phone but the company also makes just 10,000 of them a month, making them a difficult phone to buy.

The company recently launched the Elephone S7, which looks very similar to Samsung Galaxy’s S7 Edge. The Elephone S7 costs less than half of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

For now Sharp and Xiaomi are only two companies who offer a bezel-less display design but that could change next year. Elephone is one of the many companies that could be competing with the Xiaomi Mi Mix soon. A preliminary design of the Elephone S8 was recently revealed and the phone looks amazing.

Here are the rumored specs for the Elephone S8:

  • 5.5-inch display.
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 128GB of storage.

Xiaomi has caught the attention of everyone with its amazing Mi Mix phone but 2017 is getting closer and a few companies are rumored to be working on similar phones. It will be difficult to choose from all the phones coming next year but the Elephone 8 has fans waiting as everything that’s been rumored about the phone sounds amazing.

Which phone are you planning to buy next year? What do you think about the Elephone S8? Let us know in the comments.

Sean Farlow
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  1. This phone is good but if i compare with Doogee MIX then definate i choose Doogee Mix, MIX come with 5.5″ Amoled display, Helio P25, 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage and price tag of $259.99 only. This is my Dream phone.

  2. Elephone S8 is too good but if i compare with Doogee MIX then definate i choose Doogee Mix, MIX come with 5.5″ Amoled display, Helio P25, 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage and price tag of $259.99 only. so please tell me which is good for me.

  3. Its a good smartphone but the price is too high So I’m going to buy Doogee Mix because of its great specs and looks Doogee Mix One of the best Smartphone I have ever seen . Doogee Mix is always in my mind the upcoming Smartphone Of Doogee . Doogee Mix is Bezel less phone .will have a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display Doogee MIX is expected to launch with a Helio P25 SoC.The small size makes the Doogee MIX more comfortable to use And
    A capacious 3380mAh battery allows less to think about chargers and powerbanks. Just wow Amazing Super Excited about it.

  4. Friends i am waiting for Doogee Mix because i love mobile photography and i think Doogee Mix is Best Option for me. Doogee Mix equipped with a dual rear cameras with 16MP and 8MP sensors.

    The dual camera design is similar to the Huawei usage with one sensor being the RGB, while the secondary is just a monochrome one. It uses the Samsung ISOCELL technology and with the ultra slim sensor with thickness just 5mm it should also be able to deliver some clearer night shots and good effect.

    And because anything looks better when compared with some Apple product they have released some sample pics pitted directly against the photos taken by the iPhone 7. As usual take these with a pinch of salt, because it’s uncertain how accurate those really are. But Doogee Mix is an interesting phone can you tell me my decision is correct for buy Doogee Mix phone ?


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