Michigan Man Says His Galaxy Note 4 Exploded While He Was Asleep

Samsung recalled and discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 a few weeks ago but the latest incident is not from the device released in August 2016 but from a Galaxy Note 4. A Michigan man claims his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 exploded while he was asleep. The phone was not on his bed when it happened but he was taken to a hospital after having trouble hearing and breathing.

Bayar Karim, the owner of the Galaxy Note 4, said his phone had been disconnected a few days before it happened. He spoke to WXYZ-TV and told them that he thought he was going to die, because of the fire and because of the acid.

The phone was on the night stand close to the bed when it exploded. The pictures show the phone and the battery, which appears to have been completely destroyed by the explosion. Karim claims acid from the battery of the Galaxy Note 4 went flying when the incident happened.

He was taken to a hospital after the explosion and remained there for seven hours. The incident, which happened on Wednesday, is the latest to be reported from a Samsung phone that’s not the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. Last month, a Winnipeg man said his Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded in his hands, leaving him with burns. In October, another Galaxy S7 user said his phone had exploded while charging. Samsung recently said the Galaxy S7 phone is safe to use and has reportedly sent a notification to S7 users telling them that their phone is safe.

Samsung discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 in October after reports of safe units catching on fire or exploding surfaced. The company recalled millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones just weeks after its release and recalled many more after issues also began being reported for the replacements.

A report recently mentioned that the company would explain what caused the Galaxy Note 7 phones to catch on fire or explode. The report also mentioned that the company would explain that before 2017. Recent rumors have said that the company might bring back the Galaxy Note series with a Galaxy Note 8 next year.