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Network Master Android App Review

Introducing Network Master – Speed Test

Network Master is an Android app from LIONMOBI that serves a lot of different purposes. To begin with, it can help you easily monitor your network speed, security, and usage. Whether you’re looking to browse the Internet a little faster or closely monitor how you spend your 4G data, Network Master will help you do it. Outside of those uses, this app will also help you monitor CPU and memory usage, as well as easily convert your Android smartphone into a portable wireless Internet hotspot. Although there are plenty of Android apps out there that serve a similar purpose, I think that Network Master is one of the few of them that bundles all of those utilities together.

In this article, I’m going to provide an overview of some of this app’s key features and abilities. I’ll talk about whether or not the app actually works and, of course, I’ll discuss whether or not it’s worth your time and money. This is already one of the most popular utilitarian apps in the Google Play Store right now, and so I can understand why you would want to learn what all of the buzz about. Without any further delay, let’s review the Network Master Android app.

App Details


Price: Free


  • WiFi Optimization: Enhance network signal and speed, checking for DNS hijacking, SSL hijacking, and so on. This feature tests network speed and also returns metrics like network ping.
  • Real-time process Info: Analyze CPU and memory usage, giving you the ability to stop apps that are consuming an unreasonable amount of CPU and memory.
  • WiFi Spy Detect: Allows you to monitor devices that are connected to your local network, ensuring that no strangers are leeching off of your connection.
  • Mobile Data Usage: Monitor data usage with a breakdown by app, with the ability to input the information regarding your mobile plan to see how close you get to your data limit.
  • Personal Hotspot: Converts your smartphone into a personal wireless Internet hotspot using your data, allowing you and your friends to connect to your device as if it’s a wireless router.

network-master-portable-hotspotAs you can tell from the list above, Network Master offers a pretty wide range of features. Although its name may lead you to believe that it just helps you monitor your wireless network, it does a lot more than that. The standout among this list, to me, is the personal hotspot. Most tech-savvy people know that you don’t really need an app to convert your smartphone into a wireless hotspot. However, depending on your operating system, this isn’t always a user-friendly process. Sometimes it can be complicated, and if you’re trying to help out someone who isn’t good at technology, describing the steps can be almost impossible. With this app, converting your Android smartphone into a personal wireless hotspot is as easy as setting a password and tapping a button. This is one of many ways that Network Master makes your mobile life a lot easier.

Another one of my favorite features out of this list is the spy detection capabilities. A lot of people don’t understand the dangers of allowing strangers to connect to your wireless network. Luckily, we live in a time where most people are smart enough to lock their connection behind a password. However, those still don’t protect you completely. With Network Master, you can quickly and easily view the devices that are currently connected to your network. If you find an unfamiliar device, you can flip it onto your blacklist within the app. From there, you can change your wireless network’s password to ensure that that stranger can’t get into your connection any further.

How well does Network Master work?

Considering the fact that this application is free, I wasn’t so sure about the quality that I was going to get out of it. I was concerned that certain features would be locked behind a paywall, and that I wouldn’t get the experience and function that I was looking for. However, those concerns were quickly put away by this app. Network Master itself is functional and easy to understand. Every functionality is conveniently tucked away into its own menu and tab, and I never felt like I had to look too hard for something that I wanted. The interface is clean and responsive, and it strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.

Regarding the price of this app, with the free version you’re going to get advertisements. As you can see in some of my screenshots, the advertisements are not intrusive in any way. They’re pretty small, and I never encountered an issue where a massive ad suddenly appeared and interrupted my browsing. LIONMOBI is also a really great company, in that they encourage you to report advertisements that are blatantly misleading or fraudulent. They’re dedicated to providing you a safe, high-quality experience, and that’s something that I can really appreciate from an app developer.

Is Network Master worth it?

network-master-data-usageAlthough Network Master is free, that doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to be worth your time. There are plenty of applications out there that, while free, aren’t useful enough to keep on your phone. I feel like this app is different, though. I’ve seen a lot of different utility-based Android apps over the years, and I think that Network Master genuinely does things that a lot of apps just don’t do. Wireless networking is a very complicated science, and I love that this app breaks it all down in such a simple and easy to understand way. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use this application, but I think that a tech genius could still really appreciate it. As I mentioned before, this app does a really good job at retaining some very comprehensive and in-depth functionality without ever passing those complications and intricacies onto the end user. I can’t begin to stress how easy this app is to use.

If you’re looking for an application that increases your smartphone’s battery life, processing speed, and Internet speed, then I suggest that you take a look into Network Master. I’m not suggesting that this app is going to take your 10 mbps connection and turn it into a 50 mbps connection, but it will definitely help you stretch your bandwidth and data just that much farther. Not only that, but it will allow you to do those things in a safe and easily protected way. When it comes to network monitoring apps on the Android platform, Network Master is probably one of the best around.

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  1. I would much prefer to pay for the app than to put up with the annoying ads. For this reason I am removing the app from my devices. However, if in the future you have a paid version I would love to know about it,

    Melbourne, Australia


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