Qatar: Workers For 2022 World Cup Stadiums To Be Given Cooling Hats

Workers building stadiums for the 2022 edition of the World Cup will be given cooling hats to stay cool during the extreme temperatures in the area. The 2022 World Cup is still years away but construction has already begun. The extreme temperatures have made it difficult for construction workers, so researches in Qatar have designed a new hat that will keep workers cool.

The new cooling hat was created with the help of researches in Qatar, who say that this reduces the temperature of workers. The cooling hats will not only reduce the temperature but also make working conditions safer.

In 2010, Qatar was selected as host for the 2022 World Cup and while the decision has caused some controversy, construction has already begun for the stadiums. One of the biggest questions after Qatar was selected as host was the weather. The World Cup usually takes place in months when Qatar has extreme temperatures. Qatar was planning to have cooling technology for its stadiums to keep fans and players cool during the event. But last year, FIFA approved a winter World Cup for Qatar in 2022. The tournament will take place between the months of November and December 2022.

Qatar has more than 5000 construction workers building the stadiums for the event and the cooling hats will be a good addition as thousands more will work on building the stadiums soon. The cooling hat comes with a solar powered fan that sends air over a cooled material in the hat. The air then reaches the worker’s face, making the temperature cooler while they work.

The cooling hats are not ready but will be given to construction workers next summer. The addition of the cooling hats will be right on time as summer is usually the time when the temperature gets very hot.

The 2022 World Cup has changed seasons to avoid Qatar’s summer heat and now the construction workers will soon receive cooling hats. Construction of the stadiums has not been perfect as Qatar has received criticism in the past for the treatment of migrant workers working on the stadiums.

Qatar will build nine new stadiums and renovate three more for the 2022 World Cup. The estimated cost of the new stadiums and renovations is around $3 billion. It will be the first winter World Cup final, with the tournament lasting just 28 days. FIFA is currently discussing a World Cup expansion that would allow 48 teams to be part of the tournament.