Slots May Be Easy to Play But Tough to Win

Slots: Easy to Play – Tough to Win

It doesn’t take rocket science to learn how to play slots. Grant it, if you are an old timer accustomed to 3 reel classics, the video slots with fancy features like 100 paylines, 1024 ways to win and bonus features, could be a bit intimidating. Take a few spins and your right back in the game and wonder why you were ever confused in the first place. Quickly you’re smitten by what you once referred to as newfangled machines and dumbfounded as to how the 3 reels held your interest. But let’s get down to the real meat and potatoes of gameplay – the odds.

Slots the No Brainer Game

Now I could sell you a bill goods on how to win playing slots and if successful in accomplishing that, there’s some ocean front property in Arizona I could sell you next. There has been every kind of book, tips and strategy guide on how to beat the odds but the cold hard reality is there is none! It takes zero skill and no number of tips are going to get you in quicker to the winner’s circle of success stories – plain and simple.

Without getting too techy about the internal mechanisms of the machine let’s take a quicky course. It is all about the Random Number Generator aka RNG. This is a computer-generated number system that ultimately determines the outcome of the game with results that are purely random. Another words the outcome of each spin is unpredictable and there is no pattern to the result making it impossible to determine. Depending on the number of lines in play, the RNG can generate literally 1000s of combinations. Knowing this dawns the realization that technique and expertise have no relevance in the art of winning.

Slot Myths

How many times have you read or talked to a player that thinks they have mastered the one arm bandits? For the wise player, we give that old begrudged nod of acceptance because we’ve learned that no matter how hard you try to explain it was sheer coincidence, it goes on deaf ears. The tricks and tips to win have been plentiful but unfortunately, has no validity.

Some of the more popular myths are:

  • Stopping the reels during a spin generate a different outcome
  • Some machines are looser than others
  • Finding the precise timing of each spin will produce more wins
  • Playing at only certain times of the day
  • Discovering a system for choosing the right item/box in a bonus feature

Some players swear by these myths and this is only the tip of iceberg of beliefs. Watching players painstaking trying to decide which is the best box to pick for cash prizes or the number of free spins awarded when the bonus is triggered that ends up giving them the short end of the stick is exhausting to witness. They swear, hit the side of their head with their palm for choosing the wrong one when they had no part in the decision whatsoever. None of these are sure fire ways of winning no more than wearing that lucky shirt or carrying around that raggedy stuffed toy when you play. I’ll let you in on a little secret – from the very moment you click that spin button the outcome has already been predetermined down to whether the bonus is triggered and what prize is rewarded. So, in the future don’t waste your time trying to stop the reels at the right moment or agonizing over which box has the best reward and beating yourself up when it doesn’t work out. It is not your fault!

Why We Play Slots

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but besides predetermined outcomes, slots have the worst odds of any game on the casino floor. Therefore the $64,000 question is if we know all this why on earth do we continue to play? Mums the word but if the truth be told I am no stranger to sitting down time to time and playing the slots. I know, it sounds like a double standard but let’s face it, there is more to it than winning, it is the thrill of playing. All gambling games have different elements of excitement. At the tables nothing tops the adrenaline rush of craps and for card games it’s about showing off your skills and defeating the dealer and/or opponents.

When you are on a lucky roll there is potential to win big bucks on slots and there is something hypnotizing and magical with every spin as you watch each reel come to a stop and holding your breath for a perfect match up of symbols all the way across the screen. It is a temptation that is all too hard to resist and besides every now and again who doesn’t need a game where thinking is not a requirement!

Boosting Your Playing Power

If you are looking for any type of edge your best bet is to look for slots that list the Return to Player (RTP). This is the how much a machine will pay back over time based on the total money wagered. The percentages on returns to the players varies from 90% upwards to 99%.

You can increase your playtime with some tremendous online casino bonuses that will strengthen your deposit and fatten your starting bankroll resulting in a greater potential to win. No deposit bonuses are a no risk way to play with a chance to withdraw real cash money.

Now excuse me, there is a brand new slot release and the curiosity is killing me to play at least once or maybe twice.


  1. I’m a low-roller, and prefer slots with lower volatility. That way I often have a longer playtime and who knows, I might hit a huge win eventually.