Syria: Thousands of People Leave Eastern Aleppo

Thousands of people that were living in eastern Aleppo have decided to leave as the agreement between the government and rebels continues. Yesterday, the first ceasefire collapsed but the agreement was back on after a few hours.

Estimates say around 3,000 people have left eastern Aleppo, an area that has been severely been affected by the clashes. The group of people that have started to leave the area are women, children and the injured.

The agreement was recently reached and it is expected that thousands more will continue to leave in the next few days. Ambulances and buses were sent in to help with evacuation. The Red Cross recently said that 3,000 civilians had been evacuated. They left during the first two evacuations of eastern Aleppo.

Eastern Aleppo was held by rebels for years before government forces began moving closer and taking some areas. The rebels still controlled some areas but the agreement ended the clashes. The agreement also allows the rebels to leave and it is believed that hundreds have left eastern Aleppo.

The evacuation operation was scheduled to begin a few days ago but the ceasefire collapsed yesterday. Hours later, it was confirmed that the agreement was back on and that evacuations would begin soon.

The evacuation operations will continue to help the injured as the area was left without its last remaining hospital last month. 40 of the 3,000 that left the area earlier today were injured.

Rebels and their families will also be evacuated from the area and taken to Idlib, a city that is controlled by rebels. The rebels and their families will be taken to the city in buses. There will also be a number of ambulances for the injured. Russia will reportedly use drones to monitor this evacuation operation.

Eastern Aleppo was recently controlled by rebels but the recent advances from government forces and allies led to the rebels losing many areas. They had control of just a few areas before the agreement was reached earlier this week. The city of Idlib is now said to be the last stronghold of the rebels after reaching an agreement to leave eastern Aleppo.

The evacuation operations will continue and many more residents are expected to leave in the next few days. Estimates say there are still between 40,000 and 50,000 people in eastern Aleppo.