Uber Customer In Philadelphia Charged $28,000

Surge pricing can make the price of an Uber ride very expensive. But one Philadelphia woman was not charged hundreds but thousands of dollars after ordering an Uber ride. Surge pricing means that ordering an Uber ride at that time will cost more than usual. But the woman may have broken the Uber record for the most expensive ride, even though it was said to be a computer glitch that led to the jaw dropping price.

The price of the Uber ride was $28,639 but according to Philadelphia news website Philly.com, the charge was blocked by the bank because of the price. The woman later received an email from the company telling her that it was a computer glitch. The email also said that the company’s engineering team was working to fix the problem.

Surge pricing has led to expensive prices on Uber rides in the past but the woman wasn’t the only one who received a high price at the time. The company told Philly.com that a few other users were affected by the problem and were overcharged. Uber did not reveal how many users were overcharged by the computer glitch.

The high price was blocked by the bank and the woman did not have to pay the thousands of dollars for this ride as it was not the real price. It must be very scary to receive a $28,000 price for an Uber ride though, especially during surge pricing.

Surge pricing is part of the price when there aren’t enough drivers available. It usually happens when there is a concert or sporting event in the city. It also happens during the last few days of the year as drivers decide to celebrate with their family and stay home.

A few weeks ago, a family returning home was charged hundreds of dollars after ordering an Uber ride after a football game. The expensive price happened as the family reportedly didn’t see that there was surge pricing at the time. They later received a discount on the expensive ride.

Surge pricing is nothing new and according to the company, it encourages drivers to get on the road in areas where there is demand. Surge pricing usually leads to expensive rides but this Philadelphia woman was very surprised to see the $28,639 as the price, which ended up being a computer glitch.