China Opens Another Record Setting Bridge

A few months ago, China opened a glass bridge that holds a number of world records. The structure is not only one of the highest bridges in the world but also has a floor made completely out of glass. The bridge was built for people to visit the park and while the safety tests showed an SUV driving over the glass, the bridge only allows people to walk on it.

The glass bridge holds a number of world records but China has just completed what is now a new record setting bridge. The Beipanjiang Bridge links the province of Guizhou and Yunnan. It is also a big addition for residents as it will shorten travel times between some of the nearby areas.

The Beipanjiang Bridge is raised 1850 feet above the Beipan River in southwest China. This makes it the highest bridge ever built, setting another record that was already held by China. The country is now home to first, second and third highest bridges. The Beipanjiang Bridge was officially opened to traffic on December 30.

Construction for the Beipanjiang Bridge began three years ago at an estimated cost of $144 million, according to India Today. Four months ago, it was announced that construction of the bridge had been completed. This gave the bridge the record for the world’s highest but also a new and faster route for residents as it connects two of China’s most remote provinces.

The bridge is now opened for public transportation and cars can now be seen driving on the bridge. Last year, China opened the world’s highest glass bridge, which was temporarily closed recently because the number of visitors was more than what park officials expected.

The glass bridge opened last year is one of the bridges on the top three as world’s highest though. The top three highest bridges are all in China, including the new record holder, the Beipanjiang Bridge. The second highest bridge is the Sidu River Bridge, which opened in 2009. The bridge, located in the Hubei province, sits over 1,600 feet above a canyon floor. The third highest bridge is the Puli Bridge, which was completed and opened in August 2015. The bridge was completed at an estimated cost of $71 million.

China now has the three highest bridges in the world but they have bigger plans. Last month, it was reported that there were plans to build a transparent bridge. The bridge will reportedly be built near the same area as the glass bridge opened in 2016.