Family Sues Apple After Fatal Car Crash

A couple whose daughter lost her life in a car crash is suing Apple for not introducing a safe feature for its application FaceTime. A safety feature to discourage people from driving and using the app was reportedly patented in 2014 by the company. The car crash happened in 2014 after a distracted driver crashed into their car.

The driver was allegedly using the FaceTime video call application on his iPhone when he crashed into their car, injuring the couple and their daughter. The three were taken to the hospital but their daughter later died in the hospital from her injuries. The family claims the company should be held responsible because the tech company had a patent that would prevent users from using the app while driving. The tech company did not add the feature to the application.

The family says that the company’s decision to not introduce the patented feature for the application was a factor in their daughter’s death and their injuries. The man was allegedly using the FaceTime video application on his iPhone 6 Plus when he crashed into their car.

FaceTime, a video calling application, was introduced in 2010 with the iPhone 4, which was the first Apple phone to have a front camera. The app can now be found on every phone released after the iPhone 4. The patent for the FaceTime feature was granted in 2014 and would prevent people from using the application while driving. But Apple never introduced the feature for its video calling application.

It is not the first time that the company is sued for its applications. In 2015, Apple was sued after a woman checking her messages while driving crashed into another vehicle. The car crash resulted in two deaths. The woman that crashed into the vehicle was found guilty of two negligent homicides and sentenced to five years probation.