Germany: Family Opens Front Door and Finds That The Entrance Is Bricked Up

In Germany, a family was left in shock when they opened the front door only and found that the entrance to their home was completely covered by a brick wall. The layers of bricks were placed across the entrance of the home, blocking the front door.

Police officers were also shocked by the bizarre practical joke, which must have taken some time to complete as layers and layers of bricks were placed to cover the front door. One police officer in the area who spoke to German news site said that the man opened the door in the morning and stood in front of a wall. He added that an expert could have build the wall in just a few minutes.

Police isn’t happy about the practical joke, with the officer interviewed saying that this is a crime and not a joke. The bizarre practical joke ended up costing around $523 to fix as the door’s frame and door bell had to be removed with the wall that was built in front of the entrance.

This is actually not the first time this happens in Germany. In 2015, someone also did the same thing but on the door of a train. A mysterious group of pranksters reportedly entered the train and built a wall right on the door of the train. This transportation system is used by thousands of people every day and the train had been picking up passengers for more than an hour before the driver noticed that the door of the train was blocked with a brick wall. German police are used to stopping graffiti artists trying to write or draw on the trains but the brick wall left residents and authorities in shock. The train reportedly made it to 12 stops but no one noticed. The brick wall caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.