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KRUPS F203 Review – Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Review

Today I will be testing out the most popular grinder on, the KRUPS F203, and initial impressions are pretty good. The device is light weight, compact and stylish. The major selling point here is the price, and it is very hard to find another model with a similar price point, with this level of quality.

When it comes to the coffee testing I will be creating three different levels of ground coffee. A ten second blitz, a twenty second blitz and a final thirty second blitz. I will then be subjecting my partner to three cups of fresh coffee from the moka pot, getting her opinion on which is best. The spice mixes will just be for fun, as it isn’t that hard to blitz up a decent spice rub.

So let’s see how this thing grinds.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Design and Build Quality

This is the moka pot I use, I’ll be talking about them later in the review.

So let’s start with the basics. The look of the build. It’s early days for me, in terms of grinder reviews, but I have already got a few of them in front of me. And while some of them look fantastic, most of them leave much to be desired. The KRUPS F203 is in the latter category. Just look at this sleek little bit of hardware. I love the single color design, and the clear plastic top section creates a nice contrast. The issue here is the feel of the build. This is an inexpensive grinder, and it feels like one. It is just a little too light, and the fit of the parts worries me. I am unable to test out the long term viability of the KRUPS F203, but with a 2 year warranty as standard I am not too worried.

Using the device isn’t hard, the button at the top just needs to be pressed down and it grind away. You will have to hold it down, at least I did, and the length of the grinder is small enough to fit most hands. The issues with fit come back here again, the button is not as sturdy as I would like, just a little too rattly for my liking. That issue aside, there is a lot here to like.

Finally we move to the insides, and I wish I could say I was impressed. Instead I am merely satisfied. The blades themselves are quite nice, a pair of stainless steels, curves slightly so as to reach everything, but the motor is a little under 200 watts. Blade grinders are a good alternative to Burr grinders, but the time it takes to make a fine powder tends to be a little longer. Others will tell you that ten seconds is enough, but this could not be farther from the truth. If you want to french press the ground beans then ten seconds is fine, but for a fine home made espresso you are going to want it much finer.

Overall I was impressed with the build. There are a few things I would prefer to see, a burr grinder for one thing, but for what this is, and the price it is, I don’t think you can do better. The next few weeks is going to be interesting, I wonder if there is a better value for money grinder out there, be sure to check back with me to find out.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Testing

Onto the testing! And I must say I am excited. The overall capacity of the build is 3 ounces, three times the weight of the build fyi. I didn’t want to fill it, not immediately, so I put in about a cups worth and ground it for ten seconds. Measured out the same amount twice more and ground it for 20 and 30 seconds. You can see the results on the right side there. The ten second blitz was okay, not my preference when making coffee, but more than good enough for pressed coffee. The difference between 20 and 30 seconds was weirdly negligible. If you use a moka pot, or have an actual steam engine in your kitchen for high pressure espresso, then this is the consistency you need to use.

If you have never used a moka pot before here’s a quick run down. From my perspective they are the best way to make an espresso esque coffee at home. They are Italian in origin, and they use low pressure steam to make the raw coffee itself. It differs from espresso a little in terms of taste, but it is damn close. All you have to do is fill the bottom section with water, fill the sieve section with fresh ground coffee, so long as it isn’t packed too tightly. Put it on the stove and the steam will filter through the ground coffee and fill the top section. What sets it apart for me is the crema. Most other forms of home made coffee lack that top layer, and for me it is a key part of the espresso, and derivative beverage, experience. The finishing layer is the milk, which you can foam with a little stove top foamer, a little elbow grease is required to get it done, but you end up with some pure matte foam.

I’m not usually one for large embedded images, but here it’s needed. Left is 10 seconds, middle 20 seconds, right 30 seconds.

I made the three vanilla lattes, I use a small amount of vanilla extract and stevia instead of syrup, and had my partner drink them. The first was the worst of the bunch, a palatable enough drink, but lacking in body and strength. the second two, 20 second blitz and 30 second blitz, were apparently identical in terms of flavor. She found them rich and full bodied, and well worth another cup.

Now the spices mix. Cleaning the KRUPS F203 might seem a bit of a nightmare, but I assure you it is much easier than you might imagine. I used a little water to clear out the coffee residue, then ground up a round of bread. It absorbed all of the smell of the coffee out of the grinder, and another quick rinse left it in pristine condition. I deciding on a simple roast for the chicken, using a little pepper corns, thyme, basil, oregano, garlic and a few other powders, onion, paprika. Blitzing fresh herbs created an immediate smell of amazing. If you’ve never done it before I cannot recommend it enough. When I make chicken I always brine it for a half an hour or so before hand, hence I leave salt out of the spice mix. A quick rub and a slow roast, in a dish with mixed veg, came out fantastic. If you are looking for a grinder in the kitchen this one works wonders.

Usually you can purchase the KRUPS F203 for somewhere around $25 however you can usually find it for a better price at To see the current price and any available discounts at you can click here.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Conclusion

The KRUPS F203 may not be the most advanced model on the market, and it might take a half a minute or so to grind up the beans, but it does everything you want a grinder to do. I am a fan of simplicity, and when that is coupled with an aesthetically pleasing design I couldn’t ask for more. All that said there are a few areas I feel could be improved including the fit of the parts, however that’s really grasping for straws for a device at this price point.

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