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Lady Gaga Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, is best known for being an American singer and songwriter. Born March 28th, 1986, Gaga started her singing career at a very young age, always participating in plays and musicals at her schools. With a net worth of over 280 million dollars, Gaga has shown the world that her quirky, weird style of both music and fashion is something that fans love. At the beginning of her career, she was told by some that she would just be a one hit wonder and fall out of fashion due to her songs being very weird and something that wouldn’t catch on. Many years later, Gaga is just as relevant as before and she is showing everyone that her music is still very popular to date.

How Did Lady Gaga Get Famous?

Growing up on in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Gaga had a very rough upbringing, citing that both of her parents were lower class and she has always had to work for everything she has. Her parents were constantly working to provide everything they could for her, and that is something that has always motivated her to be the best that she can. During her middle school days, Gaga attended an all girl’s private school, where studies were very important to her. Another important part of her early life was music. From the age of four, Gaga had been playing the piano, and by the time she was thirteen, she was playing at a nearly professional level.

She had been taking these piano skills and going to many different open mic nights at local clubs and spots around the city. On top of all of these events, she was getting lead roles in the production of plays at her school. She knew that acting and music were her passions, and that is what she wanted to do. After high school she decided to continue her musical training at New York University. She was only one of twenty students to gain early admissions, and at seventeen years old, she was living apart from her parents for the first time in a NYU dorm.

Unfortunately, her time at NYU was very short lived as she decided to drop out of school during the second semester of her sophomore year. In 2005, she decided to record some songs and start a band with some friends she made at college. After performing at a club in New York, she had been contacted by a producer saying that he would like to work with her specifically. The producer, Rob Fusari, worked with Gaga to make her on stage persona, Lady Gaga. The two had worked together for a while, but most of the gigs were small time and her career seemed to be going nowhere until she got to perform at Lollapalooza, which is one of the biggest musical festivals in the United States.

In 2008, after spending many years doing a variety of different gigs in the music industry, Gaga decided to move to Los Angeles to make her very first album, The Fame. Released on August of 2008, Lady Gaga’s debut album sold all across the world. Two songs in particular became extremely popular, and those were Just Dance and Poker Face. These songs were all over the internet and became the most famous songs of her career. She toured around for her new album and did really well, selling out venues all across the world.

Her musical career had taken off, gaining a massive amount of popularity and more than a billion views on her music videos. She had won 8 awards at the MTV Video Music Awards and even had her own HBO Special entitled Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden, in which she performed songs from her album.

After these events, she decided to start working on her next album. The first single she released from this album was Born This Way, which again, topped the Billboard Hot 100, making number one for several weeks in a row. She continued to perform and make new songs, and gaining even more success.

Outside of Music

Outside of Music Lady Gaga has shown the world that she is an actress as well. Making her network television debut on hit show American Horror Story, Gaga portrayed a very weird vampire countess. Her role in the show was something that a lot of her fans loved and people who weren’t familiar with her also loved. She had the very weird personality that fit her character so well, and a lot of the crew said that Gaga was just an awesome person to work with in general. She continued her time on the show with another season where she played a Witch. There are speculations that she is going to star in the next season, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Lady Gaga Snapchat Username – Ladygaga


This is the only official snapchat of Lady Gaga. She has came out on Twitter saying that this is the only place you can find her on Snapchat. I definitely recommend following her as she has a lot of interesting content that she posts on here. You can see behind the scenes content from her music tours, television sets, and photo shoots. Adding her is awesome because you can see all the things you want to see, but normally don’t get to.

Lady Gaga Other Social Media Accounts        

With over 20 million followers on social media, Lady Gaga has quite the social media presence. All of these account are her official pages, so be sure to check out anything that are you browsing related to her to these. I recommend following her snapchat and Instagram closely, as she posts a lot of cool things that her fans will definitely appreciate.

Website – You can find her official website at –

Instagram – You can find her official Instagram at –

Twitter – You can find her official Twitter at –

Facebook – You can find her official Facebook at –


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