Norway: The First Country To Switch Off FM Radio

FM Radio is still popular around the world but one country will soon be without it. We’re talking about Norway, which will become the first nation to switch off its FM radio next week. The decision has not been well received by all the residents but other countries will be watching as Norway will be the first to do this.

The decision to switch off FM radio has been criticized as this is usually used to broadcast important news for the population. Critics say moving to new technology could lead to some of the population missing important information such as warnings or any other emergency.

A high percentage of the population does not actually approve of the decision. 66 percent of Norwegians believe FM radio should not be switched off. 17 percent approve the idea while another 17 percent is not sure. The numbers were revealed by an opinion poll from the country’s second largest tabloid newspaper Dagbladet. The decision to switch off the FM radio was made by the parliament in December.

The move will happen next week and while Norway will become the first to do this, many others are also considering the idea. The U.K., Denmark and Switzerland are said to be considering the idea. Norway will use digital audio broadcasting (DAB) after switching off FM radio. The switch will begin happening on January 11 and all national FM radio will be switched off by the end of 2017.

Digital Audio Broadcasting

FM Radio, invented in 1933, is still being used around the world. But Norway wants to use digital audio broadcasting (DAB) as those who like this technology say it provides a clearer sound. The biggest worry about the move is that a lot of the population could miss warnings or any important news when FM radio is switched off. Estimates say around two millions cars in Norway don’t have the digital audio broadcasting technology. There are digital adapters available but those can cost more than $170.

Norway, which has a population of 5 million people, will begin switching from FM radio to digital next week. Bodo will be the first city to switch off FM radio on January 11. Many more cities will continue to do this throughout the year and the switch should be completed by the end of the year.

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