Pokemon Go Blocked In China

Pokemon Go made its debut months ago and while the app is available in many countries, some have decided to delay or block the release. In China, the popular game will not be allowed by the government due to concerns over safety and security. Pokemon Go has been a success since its release but the game has raised concerns in some countries after incidents of players being distracted as they try to catch Pokemons.

China, the most populous country in the world, would have helped Niantic add more users to its game. But according to Reuters, China carried out a review of the game and found that it presented a threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers.

Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game for Android and iOS devices, was released in July 2016. The app made its debut in just a few countries but a few weeks later, it was available in many more countries. The game made news around the world as it brought hundreds of people looking to catch Pokemon to the most popular places around the world. The game also made news because there were many incidents from players distracted by the game. In August, Iran became the first country to block Pokemon Go. The game was blocked over security concerns.

Pokemon Go was a success during its release and despite recent reports of the game losing a lot of its players, a release in China would have helped the game. In October, reports mentioned that the game had lost some users but that it was still making $2 million daily. Chinese gamers had been waiting since July for the game but it appears that it will not be available there anytime soon.

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