The Rise and Rise of Digital Sports Games

For a recreational activity defined by its physicality, there is a surprising amount to being a sports fan that, in essence, comes to being anything but physical. From trading baseball cards to joining fantasy sports leagues to watching the games themselves, it’s easy to be a gigantic sports fan without ever getting off your butt. One of the most interesting aspects of sports fandom, however, is the ever rising popularity of various kinds of digital sports games.

From crudely simulated sports titles on old Atari systems to the fully immersive, realistic sports games of today, sports games have been around for as long as digital gaming have been entertaining us. The sheer diversity and variety of these games, however, is what truly amazes. Not just in terms of how many sports are represented (California Games, anyone?) but in the kinds of games out there. Incredibly, there are even slot games out there modeled on your favorite sports or sport heroes as can be seen at a site like William Hill Casino at

More traditionally, though, sports games have come in almost more forms than you can count. From simple one-on-one boxing games like‘s classic Punch Out to highly active Wii sports games like Wii Tennis or Wii Golf to games that actually allow you to manage famous sports teams like the Football Manager series, there’s a sports game for everyone, regardless of your tastes or preferences.

What’s really interesting, though, is that these sports video games often appeal to gamers who couldn’t care less about gaming, while at the same time bringing in sports fans who otherwise couldn’t care less about video gaming. It’s a bit like many a sports, come to think of it.

For sports fans, there’s just something incredibly alluring about having the chance to play as your favorite sportsman (or woman) or to even manage your favorite team, regardless of how you feel about video games in general. For diehard video gamers, on the other hand, who get bored watching sports games and/ or don’t have and don’t particularly want the physical dexterity required to play games, they get to enjoy sports by engaging them through their own favorite hobby.

Whichever way you’re approaching it, though, there’s no doubt that when it comes to digital sports games everyone’s a fan. It doesn’t matter if you’re constantly checking the Sports Section¬†for the latest sports news or if you have nothing otherwise to do with sports at all, sporty video/ casino/ computer/ virtual (delete where applicable) games are a sure fire way to bring people together.