UK: Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Closed After WW2 Bomb Is Found

The Waterloo and Westminster Bridges were closed for nearly three hours after an unexploded WW2 bomb was found in the Thames. The discovery quickly led to evacuations in the area. Stores, restaurants and bars were also closed for the night as authorities carried out safety checks in the area.

The two bridges were closed with a sign that said they had been closed at the request of the police. The area remained empty as authorities waited for experts to arrive and deal with the unexploded WW2 bomb. Residents and tourists nearby took pictures as authorities told them that a WW2 bomb had been found in the river.

Police closed the bridges at around 5:15 pm and spokesman for police in the area said that there were road closures in place in and around the area while the item was assessed. Police were in the area to help residents and tourists find other routes to get to their homes. Some did remain to watch the police boat and experts investigate the unexploded bomb, which was found underwater.

The residents and tourists who remained in the area posted pictures of it on social media. In one picture, the usually busy area can be seen completely empty. The bridges were closed for around three hours while authorities investigated.

It isn’t the first time that an unexploded WW2 bomb is found in Europe. In recent years, many unexploded bombs have been found in other countries. Recent estimates say that there are still tons of unexploded bombs in the areas where WW2 took place. In November, an unexploded WW2 bomb was discovered in Portsmouth Harbour. The port was closed after the discovery of the unexploded bomb. Shops and residential areas were evacuated and after six hours, experts destroyed the bomb. In August 2015, experts safely removed an unexploded WW2 bomb from a basement in East London.