Xiaomi Mi 6 May Be Announced Very Soon

The successor to the Xiaomi Mi 5 could be on its way as more information on the device has leaked. The latest images of what could be the Xiaomi Mi 6 have surfaced on the Internet and it appears that the company could be planning to release two versions.

The latest rumors mention that the Xiaomi Mi 6 could have 4GB of RAM while the Mi 6 Pro will have 6GB of RAM. The Pro version, which sounds like the more expensive version of the two phones, is rumored to have a curved display.

The Chinese tech site mydrivers.com, which recently posted the information and images on the rumored Xiaomi Mi 6, says the phones will come with a Snapdragon 835 processor. The site also claims that the Xiaomi Mi 6 and the Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro will support Quick Charge 4. Nothing has been confirmed so far but more and more news keep on surfacing about the phone, which means it could be unveiled very soon.

The release date is still a big question mark but many rumors mention that the phone could make an appearance at MWC 2017, which will take place between the last days of February and the first days of March. Xiaomi announced the Mi 5 at MWC 2016.

The price is also a big question mark but the tech site that posted the information on the Mi 6 claims that it will cost around 1,999 CNY ($289) while the Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro will come with a price of 2,499 CNY ($361).

Two months ago, Xiaomi released one of the most impressive smartphones of 2016, the Mi Mix. The phone with the amazing display has been a success so far, despite only being released in China. But from recent rumors, it looks like we could see the company’s flagship soon.

Xiaomi recently made its first appearance at the CES tech show, where it unveiled a number of products, including a new TV and a white color variant of the Mi Mix. The only bad news is that the Xiaomi Mi Mix remains a China-only release. It will be interesting to see what Xiaomi unveils next as the company has impressed with its recent announcements and releases.

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