27-Year-Old Woman Sets New World Record By Visiting Every Country

Cassie De Pecol, from Washington, Connecticut, has set a new world record by visiting every country. It took her just 18 months and 26 days of traveling to set the record, which is very impressive since she is now one of the few people to visit 196 countries.

She began planning for the trip on her 25th birthday and it didn’t take long for her to visit most countries, she had visited 180 countries by the end of 2016. She only had 16 countries to visit in 2017 and she visited them throughout January and February. Cassie De Pecol was an office worker in 2012 but she decided to quit. She had been traveling since 2010 but she began planning for the world record setting trip on July 2015.

Visiting every country does not also take time but a lot of money. Cassie De Pecol had nearly $200,000 saved to complete the journey. She also obtained sponsors and endorsements to help her with the trip. It took her more than 250 flights to visit 180 countries, which is impressive since she began planning the trip in 2015 and had completed that by the end of 2016. She posted her entire journey on social media.

Cassie saved $10,000 from babysitting and it’s estimated that she spent more than $198,000 visiting the 196 countries. She also admits that sponsors helped her throughout the long journey. Cassie says all sponsors and funding are obtained by her while she is on the road, which is not an easy task.

She explained that since school, she has had the desire to visit every country in the world. Cassie has one more place to visit and that is Antarctica, which she is planning to explore in the future.

Cassie’s visit to all of the countries only took less than two years and according to her, she spends two to five days in each country. Cassie now has a world record for the fastest person to visit all countries at age 27.