Brazil: Maracana To Reopen In March After Losing Power

A few months ago, pictures revealed the bad conditions that Maracana was in after a dispute between companies. The stadium appeared to be abandoned, with hundreds of seats ripped off and left in other areas of the stadium. The news didn’t get any better for the stadium as a few days later it was reported that power had been cut off by the electricity company due to unpaid bills.

The stadium wasn’t hosting any matches as teams in the city have new stadiums or have decided to play in smaller venues. A dispute over maintenance after the games left the stadium without power but that appeared to be just one of the problems as seats had been ripped and some parts look like they need plenty of repairs. Parts of the pitch had also turned brown after receiving no maintenance.

The companies involved in the dispute owed more than $1 million in electricity bills. The stadium remained without power for almost a month before it was turned back on. The city’s electricity company recently said power had been restored after part of the electricity bill was paid. The company revealed that $430,000 of the bills had been paid by the stadium operator. The payment was for the months of November, December and January.

The stadium will reopen on March 8 for a match between Flamengo and San Lorenzo in the Copa Libertadores. The iconic stadium hosted games for the 2014 World Cup and was also part of the Rio Olympics.

The Maracana remained unused shortly after the events and conditions seemed to be going from bad to worse as the stadium was said to be abandoned during the dispute. The power was then cut off on January and football fans were concerned as pictures show the bad conditions of the stadium.

The Maracana, opened in 1950, can currently seat about 79,000 people. The stadium has been renovated a number of times in the last 17 years but it will need some repairs for its next game. The stadium’s last renovation took three years and was completed before the 2014 World Cup. The 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina took place there.

In December, the board of Flamengo remained concerned about the conditions of the stadium but it appears that the match will be there on March 8. It will be the first match of the Copa Libertadores group stage for Flamengo and San Lorenzo.