Chile: Millions Left Without Drinking Water After Floods

Millions of people have been left without water in Santiago after floods over the weekend. Authorities have said that three people lost their lives during the floods and that 19 are missing. Emergency services began working on Sunday to help the population affected by the floods, including the nearly 400 people isolated in one area.

Heavy Rains, Water Supply Suspended

Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city with a population of 7.2 million people, was affected by heavy rains during the weekend. The city’s emergency service said on Sunday night that the floods had isolated 373 people. Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet recently tweeted that emergency teams are working to help isolated people and re-establish the water supply wherever possible.

In some areas of Santiago, the drinking water supply was affected by the floods. Aguas Andinas, the company in charge of providing water to the city, had to suspend its water plants during the heavy rains. The company, which is Chile’s largest sewage treatment and potable water utility, has nearly two million clients. The company was forced to suspend its water plants after the heavy rains, which also made it difficult for its employees to make the repairs necessary.

Emergency Services Help Evacuate and Clean

Emergency services began working on Sunday night to reach those who had been affected the most. Emergency crews removed debris from the roads and helped clean mud that entered some homes during the floods.

Last year, floods also affected the Chilean capital, leaving millions of people without water supply. The capital was affected by floods after the Mapocho River overflowed for the first time since 1986. The river flooded several districts of the city and caused landslides in some areas.

Emergency crews are currently searching for the 19 people missing. A few hours ago, Aguas Andinas reportedly restarted the service in some areas of the city.