Donald Trump Vows To Cut Cost of Wall

US President Donald Trump plans to build a wall in the US – Mexico border and while he has already signed an executive order authorizing the construction, it is the cost that is worrying some. But the US President has said he will lower the cost of the wall, which estimates say could cost between $15 – $25 billion.

Mr. Trump said the price of the wall, which would be built along the nearly 2,000 mile border, would drop way down once he became involved in the project. Last month, Mr. Trump said construction of the wall between the US – Mexico border would begin within months.

In January, Mr. Trump admitted that US taxpayers would fund construction of the wall but that Mexico would reimburse for any money spent. Mexico’s President, some officials and even a former Mexican president have said they will not be funding the wall.

Mr. Trump had never mentioned how he would make Mexico pay for the wall but last month, it was reported that he was considering a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports. A meeting between Mexico and US was canceled after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing construction of the wall. Mexicans began boycotting US products after the news that Mr. Trump was considering  a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports.

Mr. Trump said last year that the wall could cost $8 to $12 billion but recent estimates say it could be a lot more. The estimated cost of between $15 to $25 billion isn’t the only estimate that is a lot higher than what Mr. Trump has suggested. New estimates say the wall could cost up to $28 billion. A new report mentioned yesterday that the wall could cost $21.6 billion and take more than three years to complete. The proposed wall could cost each American family around $170.

The border, which is about 1,900 miles long, already has some fences in the area. Some 650 miles are currently fenced in the US – Mexico border, which features a variety of climates and terrain.