France: Man Sues Uber For Destroying Marriage

A businessman in France is suing ride sharing company Uber for almost $48 million. The man is not suing the company because of an incident during the ride but because it allowed his wife to see where he was going. A bug in the company’s app reportedly let his wife know where he was going, which then led to a divorce.

His wife found out about his journeys after he used her phone to order Uber rides. According to french newspaper Le Figaro, the man logged into his Uber account on her phone but she continued to receive notifications on where he was going. She was reportedly able to see his travel history and where and when he was going.

The man is suing the company because the bug continued to send notifications to his wife, even though he had already logged out of his account. The bug is nothing new as users in the past have reported similar issues with the app. The man, who is now suing the company for almost $48 million, says the bug ruined his marriage.

The phone used to order the ride was an iPhone, which reportedly has issues when the Uber app is used with older versions of iOS. The man logged out of his account after ordering the ride but his wife continued receiving notifications, leading her to suspect that he was doing something wrong.

It isn’t the first time Uber is sued but this is probably the first time the company is sued for breaking up a marriage. The man, who is from the French Riviera, is now seeking damages from Uber after divorcing. Details about his divorce are not known but the bug could be a very expensive one for Uber as the man now wants nearly $48 million. Uber was reportedly sued more than 60 times last year but most were from drivers and not from bugs in the app.