India: Government Proposal Asks Children To Sing National Anthem In Schools

National flag floating on the eve of republic day in capital on Thursday,photo/RAVI BATRA 25 JAN 2007

A few months ago, it was announced that Indian citizens would have to stand for the national anthem before film screenings. The decision actually led to some protests and even a few getting arrested at movie theaters for not standing up during the national anthem. Now, the Indian government is looking to extend the order into school, asking children to sing the national anthem in schools.

The order for the film screening was announced in December and it quickly led to protests and even confusion for some. Playing the national anthem in cinemas was first introduced in 1962. The decision led to some confusion as movies who have scenes¬†with the national anthem being played had viewers wondering if they had to stand up or not. The order also led to some confusion for handicapped persons as they couldn’t stand up. It was announced later that handicapped persons did not need to stand up for the national anthem before the movie.

India did have a rule that required children to sing the national anthem at school but that was changed 30 years ago when a new rule allowed children not to sing it. The new rule was suggested by the current Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi.

The decision to have people stand up during the national anthem before a movie has been a huge topic in the country since it was introduced a few months ago. The rule has also led to arrests from people not wanting to stand up for the national anthem. There have also been reports of fights taking place inside the movie theaters after some refuse to stand up.

The decision to have national anthems played before a movie was announced by India’s Supreme Court in November. The Indian government is now looking to extend the rules to schools, requiring children to sing the national anthem.