Missing Canadian Man Found In Brazil

A Canadian man who had not been seen by his family since 2012, has been found in Brazil. The man was found near Manaus, a city located in the Amazon rain forest. Anton Pilipa, who was last seen by his family five years ago, apparently walked from Canada to Brazil. He was found near the city walking barefoot and with no identification documents.

The man went from Canada to Brazil, which means he traveled an estimate of 10,000 miles since his disappearance five years ago. His brother had recently told the media that he had mental problems and had begun treatment before he disappeared. Missing posters showing two of his pictures, age, weight, height and last area where he was seen were published a year after his disappearance.

The 10,000 mile journey took him across two continents and it is believed he hitchhiked and asked and looked for food while he walked. Not a lot of details are known about his journey but it is believed he went from Vancouver to South America. He crossed many borders throughout his journey and didn’t actually make it to Manaus right away. The man actually made it to Buenos Aires, Argentina before going back to Manaus, which is more than 2,000 miles from Argentina’s capital.

His brother spoke to CBC and said he felt amazed that he’s alive and that he had made it that far. The man was reportedly found by police three months ago and was later taken to a hospital, where he disappeared again until now. He was questioned by a police officer, who contacted his family through Twitter. His brother flew to Brazil after being told that he had been found in Manaus.

Back in 2011, he was charged with assault and weapons charges but he disappeared before going to court. After being found in Brazil, he returned to Toronto, Canada, where he was arrested and released on bail. Toronto police said after he arrived to the city on Monday that he was arrested for his outstanding charges.