Qatar Spending $500 Million On World Cup Construction

The 2022 World Cup is five years away but the host is already spending half a billion dollars a week on construction of stadiums, roads, hospital and train stations. The $500 million Qatar is spending each week is going to infrastructure projects, according to the finance minister.

The numbers mean that Qatar is spending around $2 billion a month on the infrastructure. The numbers may seem like a lot but the finance minister thinks Qatar will keep spending like this for another three to four years. The spending includes new stadiums, which will be used for the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar will spend close to $100 billion if the infrastructure projects continue for four years. That number doesn’t include the billions Qatar has already spent on infrastructure projects in recent months.

The previous World Cup, which was hosted by Brazil in 2014, cost the country more than $10 billion. Brazil renovated some stadiums and built some new ones for the tournament. Russia, the host of the 2018 World Cup, could end up spending around the same as Brazil.

In December 2010, the 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar. The extreme temperatures became a concern after Qatar became the host and the tournament was moved to November – December 2022.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil went on without any major problems but the country did struggle to have all of its stadiums ready by the start of the event. But Qatar is planning to have everything ready soon, with the finance minister recently telling reporters that the country had already awarded 90 percent of the contracts for the projects. The finance minister added that two thirds would be delivered within the next two years.

The decision to award Qatar has caused controversy from the moment it was announced. The extreme temperatures, high costs and workers conditions have made Qatar one of the most controversial World Cup host nations.

Qatar will build nine new stadiums and renovate three others for the 2022 World Cup. The 12 venues will be located in seven host cities. Qatar, which will be the smallest country to host the World Cup, began working on venues months ago. The recent FIFA World Cup expansion will not be part of this tournament as it will begin for the 2026 World Cup. For that tournament, 48 teams will compete in the group stage and 32 will advance. The expansion means 16 more teams will have the chance to qualify for the World Cup.