Report: LG G6 Coming To South Korea Next Month, US In April

The LG G6 is almost here and many can’t wait to see what the company unveils later this month. The phone, which is rumored to be making an appearance at MWC (2017), will reportedly be available sooner than some of its competition, including the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The LG G6 could be unveiled later this month during MWC and in South Korea, it will reportedly be available on March 9. The LG G6 is said to be coming with the Snapdragon 821 processor because the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get the initial supply of Snapdragon 835.

The phone was expected to feature this processor but there are still some good news for fans of the upcoming smartphone as it will reportedly be available soon. LG will be at MWC, where it is rumored that tech fans will get to see the upcoming phone. In South Korea, the LG G6 will reportedly be in stores on March 9, a lot sooner than the rumored release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung will be at MWC but it’s already been revealed by the company that the Galaxy S8 will not be there. The company has not given an official release date but it’s rumored that the phone will debut on March 29 and then be released late April.

The LG G6 will not be available around the world on that date though. The upcoming flagship will reportedly be in US stores on April 7, almost a month after its release in South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored release date could be two or three weeks after the LG G6 arrives to US stores.

Last month, LG sent out invites for their MWC press event on February 26. In 2016, the company caught the attention of tech fans when it unveiled the LG G5 with a modular concept.

The upcoming flagship is rumored to be different from the LG G5 by having a new design and better camera. We’re less than a month away from MWC but an alleged design of the phone’s retail packaging has also appeared online. The LG event is just 20 days away, so fans of the phone won’t have to wait too long to know what’s new and improved.

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