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Top 10 iMovie Alternatives for Android – 2018 List

Video editing on-the-go is made easy thanks to the smartphone. While iPhone users have apps such as iMovie to work with, Android users have a number of options to choose from. Whether it’s for an amateur videographer learning the trade, a professional hoping to lessen the usual equipment, or just to use for a memorable time with friends and family, these video editing apps can help bring the perfect video to life in just a few easy steps. Experiment with a few to see which one works best for you and your device, since many features will depend on the capabilities of the phone itself.

Here are a few video editing options for Android smartphone users.

10. WeVideo (Free)

What makes it great: Users have access to royalty-free music, timeline editing and direct upload to social media networks. Another feature that makes it unique is its mobile-to-cloud synchronization. This allows videos to be backed up safely and gives access for future editing. So far, it is a popular tool bringing in more than 130,000 installs. Videos can be published in HD quality and include numerous effects, transitions or emoji stickers. This makes it a great option for both professional and casual users.

 Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: You will need Android Jellybean OS at the very least in order to be compatible to use this app.

9. Adobe Premiere Clip (Free)

What makes it great: For those who are used to the editing features within Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Clip is a great alternative. It gives users some control to create good quality videos using easy-to-use features such as automatic video creation by simply dragging them in. This app also provides a few stock soundtracks available for use if you do not want to use your own. If you need to transfer to a computer, it is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro as well, making it a good option for those who anticipate using this professionally.

 Adobe Premiere Clip- screenshot

Keep in mind: For additional editing, it is highly recommended you have Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed on your computer. The CC series is subscription-based and more information can be found on the Adobe website.

8. VidTrim Pro ($1.99)

What makes it great: Not only can this app convert audio files to MP3 files and video files to MP4 files, it also has a variety of features that users can include in their videos right on the app. A number of effects are available at your disposal. Several features make this app stand out including the option to rotate your video, the ability to transcode videos, and the option to rename your files for easy access. This app is also supported in 14 languages including English, French, Hebrew and Italian.

 VidTrim Pro - Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: There is a free version to try, but it will not include all of the available features. It is currently not supported in Spanish.

7. Video FX (Free)

What makes it great: This app is the perfect tool for causal users looking to create short, fun music videos. Your phone becomes the microphone as you lip-sync to your favorite songs. This app also includes features to bring your video to life and even include multiple effects in a single video. The option to pause and restart can give users the chance to switch up the scene of the video. Other features include a start timer to delay the start of a recording, auto pause and fast motion.

 VideoFX Music Video Maker- screenshot

Keep in mind: The music you want to use should be stored locally on your device. The app also takes up a lot of space, which could affect quality and/or resolution on older devices.

6. AndroVid (Free)

What makes it great: A video and audio mixer is just one of several features that users can take advantage of with this app. Not only does it include a video joiner, video trimmer and video reverse, but it also allows for users to create animated GIFs. A slideshow maker gives users the option to create slideshows from images with music and other effects. It also features a frame grabber, which lets users extract an image directly from a video. Its many functions allow for versatility and simple edits to videos.

 AndroVid - Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: While this app showcases a wide range of options, some may be available for an additional price. There is a pro version available with added features for $1.99.

5. Video Editor (Free)

What makes it great: Users can create slideshows and music videos with this app, which makes it a good option for those who want to share them on social media networks. Multiple videos can be merged together to create one, making it easy to create longer videos as well. Another useful feature is that videos can also be cut into clips within the app. It’s also possible to convert the video file to an MP3 audio file.

 Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: This app does not have the option to publish videos in HD.

4. Viva Video: Free Video Editor (Free)

What makes it great: Its diverse features, including a slideshow and collage maker, make this app a very versatile tool. Several camera lenses and capture options are supported, giving users a number of options to choose from to create different kinds of videos. Not only is the story editing mode user-friendly, but it is also easy to upload to social media networks through the app.

 VivaVideo: Free Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: There is a Pro version available for $2.99 if you anticipate using this app for more clear and professional work. It features watermark-free videos, no ads and the ability to publish in HD.

3. Magisto Video Editor & Maker (Free)

What makes it great: Many of the themes and features offered within this app are similar to what is found in iMovie. It can help users create a range of videos from music videos to slideshows and even more professional works. For business owners, there is the option to sign up for a business subscription which gives users the option for even more features. These can include different business themes and styles, longer video length and the option to publish in HD. Regular users can still take advantage of its many styles and even create video collages to publish on social media networks.

 Magisto Video Editor & Maker- screenshot

Keep in mind: This version of the app is free, but for more features, you will need to purchase the premium or business subscription version.

2. Kine Master Pro (Free)

What makes it great: This app prides itself on being a full-featured professional video app. Its redesign features larger buttons for visibility and clarity when making editing selections. It can support several layers of video, text and audio (largely depends on the device). Whether you are a professional videographer looking to mobile or an amateur videographer experimenting with the program, there are a variety of options to keep the user in full control of the editing process and final piece. It is also easy to upload the content to YouTube

 KineMaster – Pro Video Editor- screenshot

Keep in mind: This app has a User Community, giving videographers the chance to interact and share ideas. The developers highly encourage users to participate.

1. Video Show (Free)

What makes it great: This app showcases numerous features to showcase user-friendliness, including no fees, no watermarks and no time limits. A variety of filters and music is available and users can choose to record their own voice. Videos can also be converted to MP3 files. Layers of video, audio, text, filters stickers and even doodles give users plenty of options to put together the perfect video. Users are also able to publish completed videos to a number of social media networks used around the world.

 VideoShow - Video Editor,music- screenshot

Keep in mind: To find out more about the Video Show app, follow the app on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This app is featured in Google Play Stores in more than 160 countries.

Photo Credit: Google Play Store

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