Amazon Will Soon Expand Its Fake Products Removal Program

Amazon will expand its program that removes fake products from its website this spring. The online retailer has thousands of products available for customers but the company has been trying to remove fake products that have led to complaints in recent months.

The expansion of the program will allow brand owners to register the logo and intellectual property with the online retailer. This will give the company the chance to remove fake products that are flagged. The news were revealed during an interview by Vice President and General Manager of the Amazon Marketplace Peter Faricy. He also said the brand registry will be available for free in North America.

Counterfeit products have been a big problem for Amazon and other retailers like it. In recent months, the online retailer has been trying to stop fake products from being sold on the website. In November 2016, Amazon filed lawsuits to keep fake products off the website. The lawsuits came one month after Apple complained that fake products were appearing on the online retailer’s website. At the time, the tech giant said that some of the products being sold on the website were not original Apple products. Apple sells products on its official website but some are also available on online retailers such as Amazon.

The fake products being advertised as originals were actually tested by Apple, which found that some could be dangerous. The company bought more than 100 products for the iPhone on Amazon and tested them. Most of the products were chargers and adapters for Apple products such as the iPhone. The company found that almost 90 percent of the products were not original.

Apple reportedly sued one of the sellers and also looked at the reviews to see some of the complaints from customers. The tech giant said that the fake products can be very dangerous as they can overheat or catch on fire.

Amazon, which has also been battling against fake reviews by suing operators of websites that allegedly sell fake reviews and even the sellers who buy fake reviews for their products, could begin the expansion of the program as early as next month.