Apple Could Announce New Products Later This Month

Waiting for new Apple products? Well, there could be new ones later this month, according to information from analysts who spoke to MacRumors. The products are not yet known but it is rumored that it could be the new iPads.

The upcoming iPhone 8 is the most talked about product of the tech giant but fans of the iPads could soon be seeing the newest version of the tablet. In recent months, it’s been rumored that the company might be planning to release a new iPhone SE but that’s been ruled out by one analyst. A red color option for the iPhone 7 is also rumored to be the next announcement from the company.

Rumors have recently mentioned that the company could announce up to three iPad models. The company has not sent any media invites but the information from the analysts says that Apple could announce the new products between March 20 and March 24, which means the company might do that this week. The analysts who spoke to MacRumors said the information comes from its own sources and not from other reports.

What Will Be Announced?

Apple has announced a few products in the month of March in the past, including the iPhone SE. Nothing has been confirmed by Apple but the latest information could be good news for those waiting for a new color option for the iPhone 7, a new iPad or even an iPhone SE.

Apple is also rumored to be working on the iPhone 8 as part of the phone’s tenth anniversary. But the announcement is said to be coming some time in September, like in previous releases of the iPhone. The 10th anniversary iPhone is rumored to be featuring things such as an edgeless display, wireless charging support and a home button built in the display.

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