Bolivia: Study Says Tsimane Have The Healthiest Hearts

Nicolas and Julio Levo carrying plantain, the staple food and papaya. The Tsimane settlement of Anachere, in the Amazon rainforest, Bolivia.

The Tsimane are one of the healthiest people in the world, according to a study. The South American tribe is said to be healthy for a few reasons, including their active lifestyle. The Tsimane, who live in the Amazon rainforest area that is in Bolivia, had very good results in the study.

Scientists examined hundreds of people from the group and found that almost nine out of ten people have clear arteries. Clear arteries are a good sign as it means they have good heart health.

The South America tribe lives a very active lifestyle, working and searching for everything they eat. People in the group spend a lot of their time hunting and farming. Hundreds of people were examined, including some over 75 years old.

The scientists who examined the people aged over 75, found that almost two thirds were healthy. Only eight percent of the people examined were at a moderate to high risk level.

The Tsimane diet largely consists of plantain, rice, corn and fruits. They live in a remote corner of the jungle and most of their food is homegrown or found in the jungle. This diet and physical activity is said to be one of the reasons they have the healthiest hearts in the world. The findings of the study were reported in the Lancet Medical Journal.

Professor Hillard Kaplan, from the University of New Mexico, said their way of living suggests that a diet low in saturated fats and non processed fiber rich carbohydrates,and also with the non smoking and being active could prevent hardening of the arteries.

The study reveals that the Tsimane, who have a population of around 14,000 people, spend a lot of time being active, with men spending around six to seven hours in physical activity and women around four to six hours. The Tsiname are inactive for just ten percent of the day, which is a low number when compared the people living in cities.