British Airways Flight Delayed After Mouse Is Found In Plane

Flight delays happen all the time but animals are not usually the reason why passengers have to wait even longer to get to the city they want to go. But at Heathrow Airport, passengers did not know how to react when they found out in the plane that their flight had been delayed because of a mouse.

Passengers on the British Airways flight to San Francisco, California were already in the plane and waiting for the flight to begin when they were told that the plane could not take off. The passengers waiting in the plane were told that the plane could not take off because of a mouse. The delay didn’t end up being for a few minutes but for four hours. The passengers were told that another flight would be scheduled but they didn’t know they would have to wait that long.

The passengers had plenty of time to talk about the unusual delay on social media. Some joked about selling the idea to the movies while others discussed about what the mouse was planning to do during his trip to California.

After news of the delay, passengers were told that another plane had been found. But they were also told that the delay would be long as they would have to wait hours for a gate. The new flight had one less passenger this time and British Airways spoke about the unusual delay, saying that everyone with two legs was now on their way to California and that they were sorry for the delay.

British Airways did not reveal if they caught the mouse on the plane but his appearance led to a long delay for passengers, who were in disbelief when it was first announced by the crew. Flight time from London to San Francisco is around 11 hours and 15 minutes but this one was a little longer than usual, with a four hour delay caused by a mouse wanting to travel.